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ACRO AcrosOrganics
Acros Organics
The Acros Organics™ brand delivers consistent, high-quality organics and fine chemicals
ANJE UVPI sm 2017
Analytik Jena (UVP brand)
Basic and Advanced Gel and Blot imaging, Macro and Micro In-Vivo live animal imaging, Transilluminators, UV lamps, Hybridisation ovens, UV Crosslinkers, UV Incubator, PCR workstations
ANSE sm 2017
Globally trusted gloves for life science, industrial research and clean rooms (PPE)
Askion-C-Line 0219
Askion C-Line
Automated Cryo-Banking solutions
AssociatesCapeCod CAPE sm 2017
Associates of Cape Cod
Endotoxin and (1-3)-ß-D-glucans detection products
AXYG Corning sm 0420
Axygen (a Corning brand)
PCR consumables, pipette tips, storage plates, sealing options, Automation tips,  AxyPrep nucleic acid isolation kits and devices and laboratory equipment 
DWK sm 0420
see DWK-Scilabware


BELA sm 2017
Bel-Art SP Scienceware
Reusable plasticware
BETH sm 0420
Bethyl Laboratories
ELISA kits, primary polyclonal antibodies, affinity purified secondary antibodies and reference serum
BIND 2017
Temperature, climate, and environmental simulation chambers that are the centerpieces of modern laboratories
BOEC sm 2017
Boeckel & Co
Laboratory glassware