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BSL NZ 1904 Source Q2-19


The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
April to June issue
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ANSE Microflex93-843

Ansell Microflex® 93-843

Durable Nitrile Glove with Advanced Barrier Protection. Provides sturdy protection for demanding jobs.
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >

Axygen® Strip and Individual PCR Tubes with Caps

New addition to the Axygen PCR range – PCR-8-strip tubes with individually attached flat or domed strip caps!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
AZLO SciLabware-PP Beakers

Azlon Polypropylene Beakers - Buy Now and Save!

Polypropylene beakers with moulded graduations 25ml to 5L.
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
BELA Racks

Bel-Art No-Wire Test Tube Racks

Submersible! Stackable! Colour-Coded! Autoclavable!
A great alternative to wire racks, with price and space saving advantages over other plastic racks.
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
BDAA Falcon FACS-Tubes+Multi-Flasks

Corning® Falcon® FACS Tubes and Multi-Flasks

Falcon® Round Bottom Tubes Designed for flow cytometry applications

Falcon® Cell Culture Multi-Flasks increase productivity by enabling to grow more cells faster and easier
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
SCOT Duran GL45

DURAN® GL45 Bottle Carrying System

For Safe and Easy Use of Large Duran Schott Bottles
The Duran Bottle Carrying Systems are suitable for 2, 5, 10 and 20L GL45 Schott Duran bottles; all materials are fully autoclavable
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
ELGA LabWater

ELGA - the laboratory water specialists

Water purification solutions for all laboratory applications!
FEATURE more >
ESCO LamFlowBenches

ESCO Laminar Flow Benches

10% OFF
Choose the leader in cleanroom equipment solutions! The new generation Airstream Laminar Flow Clean Benches offer a wide range of options
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
HAMC NeurosSyringes

Hamilton Company Neuros Syringes

20% OFF
Maximum Control, Minimum Damage
Make sure your syringe is the finest precision fluid measuring instrument in the world!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
HAMR PlateSealer

Hamilton Plate Sealer - Standalone or Integrate with your Hamilton Robot

The Hamilton Plate Sealer is designed to seal standard ANSI/SLAS footprint plates with optically clear or pierceable foil seals.
Check out a very special offer!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
HEID Hei-Tec MagneticStirrers

Heidolph Hei-Tec Magnetic Stirrers

20% OFF
Safe heating and mixing with uncompromising quality and simple handling
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 or while stocks last more >
HEID Hei-Torque CoreOverheadStirrer

Heidolph Hei-Torque Core Overhead Stirrers

20% OFF
Lightweight for big tasks. Suitable for low- to medium-viscosity media up to 25L
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 or while stocks last more >
KIMB DisposableGlassCultureTubes

Kimble Plain Disposable Borosilicate Culture Tubes

Kimble Plain Disposable Premium Quality Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes with sturdy, uniform bottoms and consistent lengths
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
LEIB Frostbite

Leica Biosystems Frostbite Rapid Coolant

For rapid freezing of fresh or paraffin embedded tissue.
New trigger nozzle upgrade 2019!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
LEIB HI1210 WaterBath

Leica Biosystems HI1210 Water Bath

For flattening paraffin-embedded tissue sections
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
LEIM E-Series

Leica Microsystems Stereo Microscopes: E-Series

For entry level requirements and education - Leica quality for a very cost effective price
Including 2 (only) Stock Clearance Specials!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
MDEV PicoCell-Imaging

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico

Intelligent cell imaging and analysis integrated in a single, affordable system.
Purchase before 30 June and receive a laboratory start-up configuration for a most competitive price!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
NSTG FreeBarcodes

NanoString - a genuinely better alternative!

There is an option to RT-qPCR that not only performs better, it’s cheaper too
Simple, robust, digital quantification of any mRNA from any species
For a limited time FREE barcodes!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
PALL Manifold+VacuumPump

Pall Multi-Well Plate Manifold and Vacuum Pump

Optimise and simplify your plate vacuum applications!
Designed to Perfectly Fit AcroPrep™, AcroPrep Advance, and AcroWell™ Filter Plates
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
PHCbi CO2-Incubator

PHCbi MCO CO2 Incubators

165L Base Unit or with CellSafe UV / Dual Heat Sterilisation / H2O2 Decon
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
PHCbi MDF-U74V-UprightFreezer

PHCbi MDF-U74V -86°C Upright Freezer, 728L

Proven reliable -86°C storage with cascade refrigeration and VIP Insulation.
PHCbi VIP Freezers ensures maximum storage capacity with a compact footprint, combined with vacuum insulation panel technology.
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
PRIO Autoclave-Range

Priorclave Autoclaves

Affordable Sterilising Solutions
Choose from front loading, top loading steam or electrically heated autoclaves.
Comes with FREE PRINTER - limited time only!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
QIAG PyroMark

QIAGEN PyroMark System

For Verification and Validation of NGS and other genomewide screening results
QIAG QIAcubeConnect

QIAGEN QIAcube Connect: The next generation QIAcube!

Redefining automated sample processing.
The QIAcube Connect with advanced digital capabilities and connectivity builds on the success of QIAcube.
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
BIBB Quickfit PrecisionJoints

Quickfit® Precision Joints, Outstanding Performance

25% OFF
All Quickfit® glass items are exclusively manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >

R-Biopharm Hygiene Bioluminescence Instrument

The PD-30 Hygiene Monitoring AMP/ATP instrument offers a temperature stable, sensitive test for hygiene monitoring in processing plants.
Limited time only - FREE pack of 100 LuciPac® Pens!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
OPTI  Starna ScientificCells

Starna Scientific The Spectroscopy Specialists

Cell/Cuvettes for all Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter, Polarimeter and Laser applications
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
VWRC Analytical+HPLC-Solvents

VWR Analytical and HPLC VWR Solvents

Great Savings – Stock up on your favourite VWR Solvents now!
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >
VWRI NextGenPipetteTips

VWR Next Generation Pipette Tips

VWR Pipette Tips NEXT GENERATION Refill Packs, Racks and Refill Boxes
These tips are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade PP
VALID UNTIL 30 June 2019 more >

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