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  BSL 2311 Source 300x150  


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  AXGY 2311 PCR Equip+Cons 300x150  

PCR Equipment and Consumables

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Compact Microtube Shaker, Axyspin Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge plus heating blocks, tubes and well plates  

  GYRO-2310 Low-Speed 0416 300x150  

Low-speed Centrifuge Package

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Reliable & Compact 
Package Includes 1 x  416 compact low-speed centrifuge, 1 x  Swing out rotor, 4 x 100ml 4 x  Round 100ml buckets with Biosafety Cap, 4 x  Adapters,
5 x 2.6-7ml tubes 

  ILCD 2309 Respirator 300x150  

SCape CBRN30 Adult Respirator

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    The only NIOSH approved Air-Purifying Escape Respirator with a powerful ventilation system.  

  JASC 2310 FTIR 4X-Range 300x150  

FT/IR Spectrometers

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    A standalone instrument that is compatible with a wide range of sampling accessories like standard ATR, to microscopes for imaging and
chemical mapping

  LABO 2310 Bio-Safety Cabinet  

Biological Safety Cabinet

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Energy-saving, Ergonomic & Elegant
Includes:  Glass side windows, electrical outlets, adjustable light, 316 SS table tops, UV light,
height-adjustable support stand

  OHAU 2311 Orbital Shakers 300x150  

Extreme Environment Shaker

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Extreme Performance Under Extreme Condition!
It's unique construction reliably delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability under extreme conditions

  SANY 2311 EOY Freezer Sales 300x150  

Biomedical Freezers

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    -30oC Chest Freezer for a wide variety of storage
-86oC Upright with cascade refrigeration systems
-40oC Upright ideal for storing plasma/DNA samples

  SANY 2311 EOY Growth Chamber Sale 300x150  

Versatile Climate Chamber

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    1 unit was damaged-in-transit but has been returned to a fully functioning unit with minor cosmetic damage only $9,995  

  SANY 2311 EOY Pharma Fridge Sale 300x150  

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Delivers stable, reliable temperature control for clinical, pharmaceutical and biomedical storage  

  REIC 2311 Digital Refractometer 300x150  

Handheld Digital Refractometers

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    AR200 - Performance of a lab instrument with the ease of use of a handheld
Brix/RI-CHEK - The multi disciplinary digital handheld device.

  ROLL 2311 LEC Underbench Pharma Fridge 300x150  

82L Pharmaceutical Fridge

Valid Until: 15/12/2023
    Practical and Fit-for-Purpose
The Lec Under/On Bench Pharmaceutical fridges are compact, reliable, and efficient. Perfect for personal or low volume storage of medical or laboratory samples

  EPRE 2311 Paraffin 300x150  

Paraffin Histoplast PE

Valid Until: 31/01/2024
    8 x 1kg bags
Easy-to-use, resealable bags
making handling simple, clean and quick

  JASC 2311 V-700 Spectrophotometer 300x150  

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Valid Until: 31/01/2024
    Compact design, excellent optical performance, user-friendly operation and high speed scanning, suitable for teaching & research, pharmaceutical applications