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  BSL Source 2306  


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  ANSE 2304 Ansell Gloves  

Ansell Gloves

New Prices
    Get quality hand protection at
NEW reduced prices
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  BIOE 2306 DNA-RNA Extraction-Kits  

FREE Trial Kit

    EchoLUTION Extraction Kits for DNA and RNA
New and innovative extraction technology allows extraction of nucleic acids in a single step
Valid Until: 30/06/2023

  EPRE 2306 SlideMate  

Accuracy Made Easy

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    SlideMate AS On-Demand Slide Printer
Reduce Patient Identification Errors, Enhance Lean Workflow, Connect Easily

  ESCO 2306 Airstream E Class II  

Biological Safety Cabinet

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    Only $10,840
Energy-Efficient, Quiet and Compact
Includes Free height adjustable stand, UV light and 2 power sockets

  IKAA 2306 Twister  

Twister Magnetic Stirrer

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    The universal mixing drive
It does what other lab devices can't

  LABP 2302 Poultry Bag  

Large Format Sampling Bag

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    R-NASE, D-NASE and Pyrogen free poultry rinse bags. 2 packs of 250  

  ROLL 2306 LEC Underbench  

Underbench Fridge and Freezer

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    Spark Free - Specially designed for storing combustible supplies safely  

  MIEL 2305 PG8583 300x150  

PG8583 Washer/Disinfector

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    Only $14,250
EcoDry passive drying and optimum cleaning performance and wash pressure

  OHAU 2305 Adventurer  

Adventurer® Balances

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    From $1,950
Designed to suit a variety of needs, including Laboratory, Education, and Industrial Environments

  SANY 2306 TwinGuard MDF-DU702VX  

TwinGuard ULT 729L Freezer

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    Only $19,975
Small Footprint with VIP Plus vacuum insulation panel technology 5-year warranty

  SANY 2305 Incubators  

CO2 and Multi-gas Incubators

Valid Until: 30/06/2023
    20% Off
Full colour LCD touch-screen, IR Sensor, Integrated shelves

  INCM 2306 Advion Protien Quantitation Kit  

High quality reagents

Valid Until: 31/07/2023
    BC Assay Protein Quantitation Kits - for the determination of protein concentration by the bicinchoninic acid method  

  DWK 2305 Azlon Bottles 300x150  

Azlon HDPE and PP Bottles

Valid Until: 31/07/2023
    Useful in any lab
Available in a range of volumes, round or square, wide or narrow neck

  HAMC ML600 2305 300x150  

Microlab 600 Range

Valid Until: 31/07/2023
    Basic and Advanced single or dual syringe diluters and dispensers  

  MARI 2305 Parafilm 300x150  

Parafilm M Lab Film

Valid Until: 31/07/2023
    Stretches up to 200% of its original size and clings around irregular shapes and surfaces  

  SANY 2306LPR-400 Refrigerator  

400L Laboratory Refrigerator

Valid Until: 31/07/2023
    Only $2,568
Designed for general laboratory storage with user-friendly features 3-year warranty

  DWK 2305 Youtility Bottles 300x150  


Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    From $45 (4 Pack)
A new generation of glass laboratory bottle

  AXYG 2305 Microtube Shaker 300x150  

New Microtube Shaker

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Includes FREE extras
Programmable compact benchtop shaking incubator with uniformed heating, cooling and mixing plates

  SCAR 2305 Multi Solvent 300x150  

Specialty Solvents

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Choose Multisolvent® Grade Solvents where you have multiple applications in your laboratory  

  SCAR 2304 Aquagent  

Volumetric KF Reagents

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    For samples with 0.1% - 100% water content
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Complet 5 (500ml) | Methanol Fast (500ml)