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January to March 2020 issue
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
ANSE ExamGloves

Ansell’s Examination Gloves

VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
AXYG LongReachTips 300px

Axygen New Long Reach Pipette Tips

Axygen’s NEW Long Reach Tips are elongated, clear and compatible with the vast majority of research grade pipetters.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
CORN CentrifugeTubes

Corning® 15mL & 50mL PP Centrifuge Tubes

Coming with the advanced Polyethylene Centristar™ Caps and bulk packed.
The Centristar™ Cap has an easy-On/easy-off flat top and offers advanced ergonomics with its wider knurls and roll-over edge design for easier gripping.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
ELGA PureLabFlex

Elga PureLab Flex Polisher

Reliable delivery of ultrapure Type I Water Purity. Designed for the laboratory of today.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
ESCO AirstreamE

Esco Airstream E Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Protection you can count on: operator, product and environment protection!
Esco offers an excellent range of Class II Cabinets, the Airstream E range continues this tradition.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
GEHE WesternBlotting

GE Healthcare Western Blotting Mega Sale

All your western blotting consumables at great prices!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
GYRO Centrifuge GZ-0624R-B

Gyrozen GZ-0624 Centrifuge

The smallest refrigerated centrifuge to spin 15, 50 or 100ml samples
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
HAMC Neuros-Syringes

Hamilton Company Neuros Syringes

Maximum Control, Minimum Damage - Neuros syringe technology provides unprecedented functionality for controlled animal injections.
An industry first, the Neuros accurately dispenses 50nl to 100μl of liquid through an ultrafine needle protected by a custom-designed sleeve.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
HEID Stirrer

Heidolph Overhead Stirrer

Hei-Torque Core – Compact design allows for integration in closed systems such as fume hoods. Suitable for low-to medium viscosity media up to 25L.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
LEIM Stereo EZ4

Leica Microsystems E-Series Stereo Microscopes

For entry level requirements and education
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
OHAU Balances

OHAUS Explorer: Semi-Micro, Analytical, Precision and High Capacity Balances

Modern features & design offering unmatched functionality in a line of highperformance balances unlike any other on the market
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
OHAU Shakers

OHAUS Open Air and Incubating Shakers

If you want to mix, blend or agitate a substance, OHAUS open air shakers are ideal for your requirements
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
PALL Microcheck

Pall MicroCheck® II Beverage Monitor

Easy-to-use disposable filter funnels to meet microbial analysis needs
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
SANY PHCbi mlr-352h

PHCbi Upright Plant Growth Chamber MLR-352H

Versatile with flexible programmability of temperature, lighting and humidity, 294L
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
QIAG varKits

QIAGEN Kits - while stocks last

30% off - QIAseq DNA Panel Kits (includes sequence analysis and interpretation software) more >
15% off - Next-Generation DNeasy Powersoil Pro Kit more >
15% off - Next-Generation QIAamp PowerFecal DNA Pro Kit more >
SARS Generic

Think Quality, Think Sarstedt

Extensive range of quality plasticware, in stock and very competitively priced
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
VWRI EquipmentBenchtop

VWR Benchtop Equipment

Special prices for the popular extra heavy high-speed microplate shakers, small incubators, pumps, chillers, ball mills, ultrasonic baths and Test Tube Vortexers
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
VWRI FilterPaper

VWR Filter Paper and Glass Fibre Filters

For routine to very complex laboratory work; different grades and sizes available
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2020 more >
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Bio-Strategy Stock Sale ... while stocks last

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