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NZ Source Oct-Dec 300x300   AXYG PCR Plates 300x300   BETH ELISA Kits 300x300   GEHE VivaSpin 300x300
Bio-Strategy SOURCE
Oct - Dec 2021
Axygen PCR Plates
Stock Up + Save
Bethyl Elisa Kits
100% Bethyl Guarantee
VivaSpin Spin Columns
10% off
Promotions on Equipment and Consumables 
Including your chance to win a gift hamper! 
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Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations
Certified RNase-/DNase-free and Nonpyrogenic
Automation friendly
High-performing ELISAs you can count on
Bethyl - because the choice of supplier is critical to the success of your research
Designed for fast, non-denaturing concentration and desalting of proteins and other biological samples
High recovery rates and ease-of-use
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EPRE PrintMate-Cassesttes 300x300   ESCO Isotherm Incubators 300x300   ESCO NordicSafe-Class II 300x300   GESI BioScaffolder 300x300
Epredia PrintMate AS Cassette Printer
Efficiency + Accuracy
ESCO Isotherm Incubators
20% off
ESCO NordicSafe
Class II Cabinets
15% Off + Free Extras
GeSim BioScaffolder
BS 3.3 Prime
Introductory Offer
Prints each cassette in ten seconds or less
Used on-demand in any size laboratory
Forced convection design
32, 54 and 110 litre capacities
Sealed glass inner viewing door
Free adjustable height stand, UV light and 2 power sockets
One of the quietest cabinets on the market today
Bioprinting made easy
The BS3.3 PRIME is the choice for beginners with potentially growing demands
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GYRO Compact Centrifuge 300x300   IKAA Range Discount 300x300   ILCD SoloLAB 300x300   JASC LC-4000 300x300
Gyrozen 416 Centrifuge
Package Deal
IKA Product Range
15% off
SoloLab Pop-Up Unit
New! Introductory Offer
LC-4000 series HPLC
25% off
Compact + versatile, including rotor, bucket and adaptors
Imbalance cut out and lid lock protection
Many options / accessories + 2-year warranty
Innovative stirrers, mixers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors, and temperature control products
Pop-up, benchtop isolation unit - it really does just pop-up
Super quick to assemble and versatile
Excellent value for money
Next Generation of Liquid Chromatography
System is fully integrated with complete system monitoring
Integrated earthquake securing option
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LEIC DMi1 300x300   MDEV IXM Demo Stock-300x300   MDEV Reader Trade-In 300x300   OHAU Aqua Range 300x300
Leica DMi1 Inverted Microscope
15% off
Molecular Devices IXM Micro Ex-Demo
One Only!
Trade-In Offer on Microplate Readers
Any Make/Model
Ohaus Aquaseacher Benchtop Meters 
New Range
DMi1 for quick check on cell status
DMi1 for cell check and documentation - with FLEXACAM camera
Free installation and support
Features AgileOptix™ Spinning Disk Technology + advanced software package
1-year warranty
Update Your Lab For 2022
Save up to 35% on a new Multi-Mode Reader
Free installation, training and application support
Highly reliable and user-friendly range of benchtop meters
Peace of mind with the intelligent i-Steward system
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SANY Chest Freezer 300x300   SANY Growth Chamber 300x300   PRIO NZ C60 Autoclave   REIC Handheld Refractometers 300x300
PHCbi -30°C Chest Freezer
25% off
PHCbi MLR-352 series Growth Chamber
15% Off
Priorclave C60 Top-Loader
10% Off + Free Extras
Reichert Handheld Refractometers
20% Off
Affordable Reliable -30°C Storage
Storage baskets included
Filterless design – no bending down to clean a dirty filter
Suitable for plant, tissue and insect culturing
Models with or without humidity control
Supplied with 5 shelves and access port
Free Printer and condensate bottle 
Supplied with two loading baskets
10-year door and chamber warranty
From versatile, pocket-sized digital devices to durable and rugged analog models
For Agriculture | Food and Beverage | Cinical and Diagnostic markets
Valid until: 31.12.2021
Valid until: 31.12.2021
Valid until: 31.12.2021
Valid until: 15.12.2021