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  BSL 2301 Source  

January SOURCE 

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  BIOE 2301 ECHOlution-Kits  

DNA Extraction Kits

Valid Until: 31/01/2023
    Pure DNA with only one centrifugation step and no Bind-Wash-Elute requirements  

  ERPN 2301 SlideMate-AS  

SlideMate AS

Valid Until: 31/01/2023
    Accurate, efficient labeling workflows are achievable with the SlideMate AS
on-demand slide printer

  GYRO 2301 406-Mini  

406 Low-Speed Centrifuge

Valid Until: 31/01/2023
    The compact and robust 406 centrifuge is ideal for routine work with small sample sizes  

  OHAU 2301 Mini-Vortex  

Mini Analog Vortex Mixer

Valid Until: 31/01/2023
Includes cup head and 3-inch accessory platform.
Wide range of accessories available

  Esco-2301 Airstream-E  

Airstream E Class II

Valid Until: 28/02/2023
    Interlocked UV light with timer,
low noise level and 3-year warranty

  MIEL 2301 PG8583  


Valid Until: 28/02/2023
    Includes: A102 upper basket with 2 x AK12/1 inserts, A150 lower module basket with
2 x A301/5 modules (3 x 6 = 18 nozzles/module)

  AXYG 2301 Tips  

Polypropylene Tips

Valid Until: 31/03/2023
    Designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors  

  LABP 2301 Sample-Bags  

Sterile Sampling Bags

Valid Until: 31/03/2023
    A secure, contaminant free pliant container that ensures dependable analysis results