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0424 NSTG nCounter Harnessing the Power Webinar
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30 April 2024 | 3am NZST
(on-demand link available after the session)

Uncover the vast potential of digital gene expression profiling and elevate your research using a simple and intuitive data analysis workflow.

0424 NSTG CosMx SMI vs Xenium Webinar 300X200 On-Demand

Are you ready to witness a systematic comparison for single-cell spatial analysis platforms?

See how CosMx SMI outperforms Xenium when it comes to key performance and discoverable biology.

HAMS Sample Solutions Webinar Preparing Frozen Samples for
-80oC Automated Storage

20 minute, on-demand webinar with Jeremiah Hawk, SAM HD Product Manager, Hamilton Storage


HAMR Auto Webinars

Learn About Lab Automation

Live and On-Demand Webinars 
Hamilton Robotics: Solutions for fully automated workflows
Hamilton Storage: Comprehensive automated sample management

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