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BSL 2104 Source Q2 2021

Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions

Information and Promotions on Instrumentation, Equipment & Consumables 
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
BS(P)L 2104 Source Xword-puzzle 142

Your Chance to WIN

Complete the crossword entry form, find the hidden ‘code word’ then register your entry, for your chance to win a Gift Hamper to share with your co-workers!    
Winner will be announced in our next quarterly Source
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  Entries Close: 30 June 2021  
WHAT 2104 Whatman-Uniflo-Syringe-Filter 142

New Whatman Uniflo Syringe Filters on Sale!

Now extended to include 13mm, 25mm and 30mm syringe filters
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
LEIC leica-m-series 142

Leica M-Series Stereomicroscope

10% off Leica Camera when bought together with the M-Series Microscope
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
MIEL 2104 Miele-PG8583-Washer 142

Miele PG8593 Washer/Disinfector

Reduce the risk of injury through manual washing and improve safety in your wash area!
10% Off Package Deal - Package includes A102 upper basket with 2 x AK12 inserts, A150 lower module basket with 2 x A301/5 modules (3 x 6 = 18 nozzles/module), waterproofing kit, detergent and neutraliser
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
OHAU 2104 Ohaus-Adventurer-Balance 142

Ohaus Adventurer Balances

25% OFF - Intuitive balance designed for a variety of needs
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
AXYG 2104 Axygen-Pipettors 142

Axygen® Axypet® Pro Pipettors

Save on Axygen’s range of single and multi-channel Pro Pipettors with bonus gift
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
BSL 0820

Small Equipment Sale!

Need some new equipment?  Take a look at these great sale prices across a range of our suppliers 
Balances | Fridges | Vortes Mixers | Magnetic Hotplate & Overhead Stirrers | Electrochemistry | Centrifuges | Microscopy & more
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 or While Stocks Last more >

Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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