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July to September issue
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Axygen® PCR Plates

Axygen’s 96 and 384 well PCR Plates to fit most popular Thermal Cycler’s.
Not sure which plate to choose – please ask for our technical assistance or a sample today!
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AZLO Scilabware MagneticStirrerBars

Azlon® Magnetic Stirrer and Spin Bars

Magnetic PTFE Stirrer Bars in a variety of shapes and sizes from Scilabware Azlon®.
For the stirring of liquids on magnetic stirrers and hot plate stirrers.
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CORN Falcon-Culture Slides

Falcon® Culture Slides for in situ analysis

Falcon Culture Slides allow you to culture cells and then analyse them on a glass microscope slide. Cells are grown in a plastic chamber affixed to a specially prepared glass microscope slide.
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ESCO Class-II Cabinets

Esco Airstream E 1.2 Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Protection you can count on: operator, product and environment protection!
Save nearly $3,000 - limited time only!
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LEIM Microscope-DM500

Leica Microsystems DM500 Compound Microscope

Very simple and easy to use, competitively priced
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OHAU Benchtop-pH-Meter

OHAUS Starter 3100-F Benchtop pH Meter

Complete system including meter, electrode with ATC and flexible electrode holder for Standard Laboratory Applications
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PRIOR Autoclaves-Toploading

Priorclave PS/QCS/EV Series Top Loading Autoclaves

Built in England – designed to last!
Priorclave QCS series Top Loading Autoclaves with cylindrical chambers and two baskets offer versatility and cost efficiency.
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QIAG QIAxcel-Advanced-System

QIAGEN - NGS Sample Quality Control Using the QIAxcel Advanced System

Start-up package includes all your QIAxcel reagents for NGS library QC analysis for up to 1,200 samples.
The revolutionary QIAxcel Advanced system replaces traditional, labour-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA, streamlining workflows and reducing time to result.
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SCIL Scilabware MBL-VolumetricFlasks

Scilabware MBL® Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric Class A flasks – buy now and save!
Class A volumetric flasks printed with blue enamel high contrast markings.
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VWRC Buffers

VWR TITRINORM pH Buffers, Tablets and Titration Solutions

Stock up on quality Buffers and save! pH Buffers starting at $9.99!
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