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BSL NZ 1907 Source-Q3-19


The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
July to September issue
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BSL StockClearance 0619

Bio-Strategy Stock Clearance Sale

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Stock Sale on selected Equipment, Chemicals and Consumables
Special pricing for stock only!
While current stocks last  
MDEV SpectraMax

Molecular Devices SpectraMax L with 2 Injectors

Sensitive luminometer with programmable injector options for 96- and 384-well microplate.
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SCAR Aquagent

Scharlau Aquagent® Pyridine-Free Karl Fischer Reagents for Volumetric Water Determination

Safer, faster, more stable and on sale!
Aquagent® reagents contain non-toxic Imidazole instead of the toxic Pyridine as its base.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
HAMC Microlab-600

Hamilton Company Microlab 600 Diluter Dispensers

Increased throughput and accuracy, reduced cost and waste.
Every laboratory has tasks that are too small to automate and too large to reliably accomplish by hand.
An Additional Set of Syringes at No Cost!
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
LEIB WaterBath HI1210

Leica Biosystems HI1210 Water Bath

For flattening paraffin-embedded tissue sections.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
VWRI Everyday-Consumables

VWR Everyday Consumables

Economical solutions for your laboratory.
From autoclave bags to PCR plasticware – Bio-Strategy exclusively offers a large range of quality consumables from VWR.
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RBIO Europroxima

New at R-Biopharm - EuroProxima is now part of the R-Biopharm Group

EuroProxima is specialised in the development and production of immuno-biological test systems for Food Safety control.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
GRAN PV-1 VortexMixer

Grant PV-1 Vortex Mixer on Sale

Exceptionally compact with a low profile and small footprint - fits into almost any location.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
ESCO IsothermOvens

Esco Isotherm® Laboratory Ovens

Quality range of laboratory ovens to suit your requirements.
Esco Isotherm® forced convection laboratory ovens provide controlled thermal convection drying for many laboratory applications including moisture removal and curing.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
KIML ColorwareBeakers Low-Form

Kimble Low-Form “Colorware” Beakers

“Colorware” blue beakers in stock and on sale!
Choose Kimble “Colorware” glass beakers for ease of identification in the laboratory.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
KIMA TransferPipettes

Kima Transfer Pipettes

Buy 10 or more for discount pricing!
Practical one-piece polyethylene transfer pipettes, simple and safe to use, no issues with broken glass, cracked or loose bulbs.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
LEIB Surgipath-Paraplast

Leica Surgipath® Paraplast® Tissue Embedding Medium

Different pack size = lower price per kg.
Paraplast is recommended for general tissue embedding.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
SANT Free-Monoclonal-Samples

Santa Cruz Free Monoclonal Antibody Samples

Receive 3 FREE 10ug samples of antibodies with a purchase of 1 full size vial of a primary monoclonal antibody.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >

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