Advion instruments are suitable for customers working in industries such as: reaction monitoring & compound ID; teaching & research, cannabis; proteins & peptides; food; environmental; clinical & pharmaceutical; and proteomics & glycomics 


Innovative solutions – Alba, our blood bank reagents portfolio, and MosaiQ®, one of the first multiplexing and multimodality automated testing platforms – are revolutionizing clinical diagnostics worldwide


Automated Cryo-Banking solutions



Device agnostic Green Button Go® Scheduler improves and automates complex science workflows. Its sophisticated software tools and driver library support a wide range of scientific applications and methods



Benchtop frozen sample aliquotter


Liquid Handling Automation for Nanolitre Pipetting; 3D Bio-Printing for Tissue Engineering; Micro-Contact Printing and Nano-Imprint-Lithography Automation. Automated Synthesis of Medicinal Compounds and PET-tracers


Gold Standard Diagnostics 

A global network of companies with decades of experience on the test kit, reagent and instrument development and manufacturing market. Providing fast, reliable, and easy to use diagnostic test kits and instruments across the fields of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed, environmental, biopharma, animal health and clinical industries


Benchtop, robotic-arm friendly, high-throughput automated pipette tip washer. TipNovus™ and the TIpNovus-Mini enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times. The built-in dryer and simple user interface make this machine cost and waste reduction critical

Hamilton Robotics

Complete Liquid Handling portfolio and accessories for ML Prep, Nimbus, STAR and Vantage, as well as consumables, spare parts, service tools, software and drivers


Hamilton Storage

Comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for a broad array of life science processes


A global leader in a wide range of innovative technologies using optical spectroscopy and chromatography

Leica Microsystems

Microscopes, digital cameras and software solutions for imaging and analysis of macro-, micro- and nanostructures


Meso Scale Diagnostics

Assays, instruments and reagents for rapid, sensitive and convenient biological measurements using patented ECL technology

Molecular Devices

Microplate readers & washers; microarray scanners; drug discovery; high content screening; research software; bio-production and development; Custom solutions for workflow; reagents

NanoString Technologies

Novel digital molecular barcoding technology enabling a wide variety of basic research, translational medicine and in vitro diagnostics applications


PG Instruments

UV-visible spectrophotometers, AA spectrometers, HPLC, GC, XRF & accessories

Rad Source

Blood irradiators, Small animal irradiators, cell irradiators


Automated Proteomics for discovery of novel protein variants with reproducibility and speed for high throughput studies


Analytical instrumentation for quantitation of chemical species using different techniques

Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies are 100% focused on digital PCR and have been since 2013.Their new Nio™ system was engineered to set new benchmarks for performance and versatility in addition to unparalleled user-friendliness.