Automated Cryo-Banking solutions


Benchtop frozen sample aliquotter


Anatomical Pathology - Solutions for Laboratories. Offering the entire histology workflow, from specimen collection to processing, sectioning to staining, and advanced imaging to archiving.



Liquid Handling Automation for Nanolitre Pipetting; 3D Bio-Printing for Tissue Engineering; Micro-Contact Printing and Nano-Imprint-Lithography Automation. Automated Synthesis of Medicinal Compounds and PET-tracers


Benchtop, robotic-arm friendly, high-throughput automated pipette tip washer. TipNovus™ and the TIpNovus-Mini enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times. The built-in dryer and simple user interface make this machine cost and waste reduction critical

Hamilton Robotics

Liquid handling robots; laboratory automation; automated compound & sample storage systems


Hamilton Storage

Comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for a broad array of life science processes 


A global leader in a wide range of innovative technologies using optical spectroscopy and chromatography

Leica Microsystems

Microscopes, digital cameras and software solutions for imaging and analysis of macro-, micro- and nanostructures


Meso Scale Diagnostics

Assays, instruments and reagents for rapid, sensitive and convenient biological measurements using patented ECL technology

Molecular Devices

Microplate readers & washers; microarray scanners; drug discovery; high content screening; research software; bio-production and development; Custom solutions for workflow; reagents

NanoString Technologies

Novel digital molecular barcoding technology enabling a wide variety of basic research, translational medicine and in vitro diagnostics applications


One Lambda

(including Linkage Biosciences)
HLA antibody screening and DNA typing reagents and antibodies

PG Instruments

UV-visible spectrophotometers, AA spectrometers, HPLC, GC, XRF & accessories

Rad Source

Blood irradiators, Small animal irradiators, cell irradiators



Luminescence and fluorescence spectrophotometers & plate readers, small ELISA systems, liquid handling