Gold Standard Diagnostics

GSD Logo 200x120 Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) is a global network of companies with decades of experience on the test kit, reagent and instrument development and manufacturing market.

Providing fast, reliable, and easy to use diagnostic test kits and instruments across the fields of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed, environmental, biopharma, animal health and clinical industries.
With experienced research & development, manufacturing, commercial and customer service teams, GSD offer innovative and trusted solutions for their stakeholders worldwide, with the aim to simplify and improve customer experience.
The GSD brand name underlines the ambition to provide the Gold Standard, the best possible laboratory diagnostic solutions across all applications.



  OT-2 Liquid Handler   the-bolt 2   Thunderbolt  
  OT-2 Liquid Handler
for BACGene Use
ELISA +CLIA Analyser
ELISA Analyser
  GSD Aborbance Reader sm rapidscan st5 reader sm  
  GSD Absorbance
96 Elisa Reader
RapidScan ST5-W Lateral
Flow Assay Reader



Allergens   Animal Species   Clinical   Enviro  
Animal Species
Clinical Diagnostics
Cyanotoxins &
Marine Toxins
Broad range of allergen rapid test kits and instruments for
in-house testing
  Verify meat authenticity
with sensitive real-time
PCR kits
  Automated platforms and a broad menu of clinical diagnostic assays   Rapid field & lab-based algal toxin test kits - providing answers in hours, not days  
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Env Water   Food Pathogens   Food Viruses   GMO  
Environmental Contaminants
Food Pathogens
Food Viruses
Rapid test kits for the detection and quantification of
biomarkers, pesticides ...
  Fast and reliable detection of pathogens in raw and processed food   Specific detection of
norovirus and hepatitis A
in food samples
  GMO detection,
identification and
quantification methods
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Life Science   Media   Mycotoxins   Plant Species  
Magnetic Beads
Plant Species Identification
Easy and efficient
magnetic isolation
and separation
  High quality culture media products in compliance with global standards   Comprehensive portfolio
of ELISA test kits
and automation
  Screening and identification of plant species, also relevant for GMO analysis  
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Vet   Vet Drug   Viruses SARS   Vitamins  
Veterinary Diagnostics
Veterinary Drug Residues
Viruses: SARS-CoC-2
Broadest range on market of ELISA, PCR and LFD kits both farm animals and pets   ELISA test for quantitative analysis of substances in meat, egg, milk, fish and more   Efficient monitoring of
SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces
and in water
  Reliable determination of vitamin content in food or dietary supplements  
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