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The ThunderBolt is an innovative 2-plate, fully automated, open platform, that can run ELISA and Chemiluminescence (CLIA) assays.

This walk-away instrument was designed to simplify your laboratory experience, increase your productivity, and reduce your waste.

Offering multiple ELISA assays validated on the ThunderBolt, from the following product lines:
  • SENSISpec Allergen ELISA Kits
  • BACSpec Pathogen ELISA Kits
  • Environment & Water ELISA Kits

The ThunderBolt ELISA analyzer is smart, compact, LIMS compatible, and highly precise open system that is able to automatically manage all the steps of any plate-based assay from premixing to final data handling.

The ThunderBolt, manufactured by Gold Standard Diagnostics, is available for both ELISA and Chemiluminescent (CLIA) applications.

For GSD ELISA kits, validated protocols have already been arranged and are ready-to-be transferred to the customer’s instrument, while customized methods can be developed and validated following given specifications.
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