Analytik Jena

UVP brand - Basic and Advanced Gel and Blot imaging, Macro and Micro In-Vivo live animal imaging, Transilluminators, UV lamps, Hybridisation ovens, UV Crosslinkers, UV Incubator, PCR workstations

Boeckel + Co (Boeco)

Colony Counters, Electrochemistry, Heating Mantles, Gas Burners, Milk Analyser, Vacuum Pumps, Water Stills


A large range of Life Science products for cell culture, genomics and microbiology, liquid handling and filtration


Dreampath Diagnostics

Protecting patients, sample by sample

The first step in curing cancer or any disease, is a rapid and accurate diagnosis. At DREAMPATH, our ambition lies in transforming healthcare, and we believe it’s urgent to accelerate diagnosis and research, so patients and their families can have the best chances within their treatment journey



Equipment for your heating, cooling and stirring needs



Biological safety cabinets, lab incubators and ovens, fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, PCR cabinets, animal containment workstations and powder weighing balance enclosures; IVF incubators and workstations; Isolators, Air Showers, Transfer Hatches, Soft Wall Clean Rooms



Unstirred and stirred water baths, dry block heaters, shaking and ultrasonic baths, refrigerated circulators and vortex mixers


Centrifuges, concentrators and freeze dryers


Water analysis test kits, spectrophotometers, pH meters, turbidity meters, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD kits and apparatus


Hamilton Company

Auto Diluters/Dispensers, In-line Sensors (pH, DO, ORP, Conductivity), Laboratory electrodes, Pipettes


Grinding mills, dispersers/homogenisers, stirrers, hotplates, vortex mixers, orbital shakers, calorimeters, rotary evaporators

Lab Companion

Shakers, Incubated shakers, Water baths, Plant growth chambers, Environmental chambers, Desiccators, Hotplate stirrers, Recirculating coolers, Mixers, Ovens, Temperature chambers



Microbiological safety cabinets, freeze drying & centrifugal evaporation, -90°C freezer & cryobaths, industrial laminar flow modules


Water baths, heating and cooling thermostats, process thermostats, circulation chillers, constant temperature ciriculators 


Filtration, rapid tests, water analysis, chromatography


Major Science

Laboratory bioreactors / fermentors, electrophoresis, gel documentation systems

Miele Professional

Laboratory and hospital washers/disinfectors


Muffle, ashing and tube furnaces



Analytical, Precision & Portable Laboratory Balances; Bench, Shipping & Counting Industrial Scales; Equipment: Vortex Mixers, Dry Block Heaters, Shakers, Hotplates & Stirrers

Pall Laboratory

Analytical, precision & portable balances; industrial scales; vortex mixers, dry block heaters, shakers, hotplates & stirrers


Preservation and incubation devices for the research and healthcare industries (Freezers, Refrigerators, CO2 and Multi-gas Incubators, Environmental Chambers)



Autoclaves, steam sterilizers & accessories


Benchtop and Digital + Optical handheld refractometers, density meters, bilirubinometers, veterinary and clinical handheld refractometers and refractometer calibration oils

Rollex Medical

LEC pharmaceutical refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators and freezers



Stomacher® Lab Blender and bags


Flame photometers, chloride analysers, magnetic susceptibility balances

Thermoline Scientific

Scientific and laboratory test equipment