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Epredia is part of the global PHC group, enabling precision cancer diagnostics powered by some of the most respected names in the industry – Shandon, Richard-Allan Scientific, Microm, Menzel-Glaser, and others. Together, these brands represent the entire histology workflow, from specimen collection to processing, sectioning to staining, and advanced imaging to archiving.
Change in the distribution network for Epredia equipment for the clinical market

Anatomical Pathology - Solutions for Laboratories

EPRE 1 Labeling EPRE 2 Tissue Processing EPRE 3 Cryotomy EPRE 4 Microtomy EPRE 5 Staining
Labeling and Tracking
Tissue Processing and Embedding
Simplify and Strengthen Your Workflow Process
A high proportion of the errors made in histology laboratories are caused by inadequate methods for labeling and tracking cassettes and slides. The PrintMate AS™ cassette printer and SlideMate AS™ slide printer are the third generation of labeling equipment, that when used with PrintMate cassettes and slides, are designed to maximize accuracy while streamlining workflow and improving efficiency.
Consistent, high quality tissue processing
Tissue processing is the foundation to producing reliable results in the Histology laboratory. Epredia tissue processing solutions are designed to efficiently produce high quality paraffin blocks that enable Pathologists to make an accurate diagnosis.
Experience speed, accuracy, and safety
When it comes to urgent biopsies, getting accurate results to the operating room as quickly as possible is essential in maintaining excellent patient care. Cryostats from Epredia, along with blades, marking dyes, and other consumables, are designed to get the job done.
Section safely with excellent quality
Microtomes from Epredia are designed to be precise and stable, helping to yield superior sectioning results for even the most difficult-to-cut paraffin sections.
Confidence begins with a crisp, well-defined stain
Epredia histology and cytology stains produce consistent, clear results for hospitals, cancer centers and private labs. 
EPRE 6 Coverslipping EPRE 7 Cytology 1 EPRE 8 Cytology 1 EPRE 9 Microsope Slides-1 EPRE 10 DigitalPathology
Slides and Coverslips
Digital Pathology
Experience intuitive efficiency with two innovative systems
Coverslipping can be a tedious task in your laboratory. Epredia offers two options for any laboratory, the ClearVue coverslipper with automated coverslipping technologies, and the CTM6 that has the power to coverslip hundreds of slides per hour.
Adopt efficiency,
maintain integrity
Epredia Cytospins and consumables have been synonymous with cytocentrifugation for over 40 years. Used in laboratories around the world, they have enabled laboratories to process cytology samples efficiently, providing economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix.
Achieve accurate results with outstanding quality
Accurate and reproducible immunohistochemistry is essential in research and diagnostics. Whether performing research assays on precious samples or catering to a patient awaiting timely and precise results, Epredia Immunohistochemistry solutions deliver high quality results.
Well known Menzel-Glaser Quality
Plain slides, Twin Frost Slides and Coverslips.
Superfrost© Slides for permanent labelling and archiving of your slides, with a coloured writing area on one side resistant to all common solvents.
Adhesion Slides including Superfrost Plus©; Polysine, Superfrost Plus Gold.
Prepare your laboratory for the future
with digital pathology solutions from 3DHISTECH™ and Epredia™
When slides need to be scanned for consultation