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GSD Absorbance  96 ELISA Reader

Compact microplate reader for 96-well assays, compatible with our ELISA plates: take the lab into your hands!

The footprint of the GSD Absorbance 96 is almost as small as the microplate itself, thereby fitting into every lab, saving valuable bench space and providing unprecedented flexibility.

The most compact ELISA reader on the market

GSD Absorbance 96 is a new category of plate readers with the mission to simplify the workflow in the laboratory. The small size of the reader, in combination with the unique open design, leads to an entirely new user experience. A simple USB connection provides both the power supply and access to the analysis software via plug-and-play.
Key Benefits
  • Highly robust with small footprint
  • Delivers precise and accurate results
  • Easy transportation and flexibility
  • 7x smaller than the smallest comparable reader
  • Maintenance-free user experience
  • 96 individual detection units enabling simultaneous signal detection
  • Extremely fast photometric measurements
  • Variety of available wavelength combinations
  • No license fee for software use
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