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Biological Irradiators - Designed for Life Science™

Rad Source is a global leader in developing x-ray solutions for life science. Their mission is to develop innovative x-ray technologies that improves the world through life science research and life saving innovation.
Whether doing cell or cancer research, solving life’s most challenging issues or preventing the spread of infectious diseases, Rad Source are here to support.
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Newest Evolution of Technology
Designed for cultivators who are looking for superior flower integrity for a capacity size of up to 25lbs per cycle.
Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)
Find out how Port Augusta has eradicated fruit fly using this environmentally-friendly pest management system
RS 2000 Small Animal Irradiator
RDST Mouse Extract Cropped-339 X-Ray Designed for Life Science™

RADPlus Solutions
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RDST Quastar 200

The X-Ray Reinvented

Our patented, advanced emitter technology platform – Quastar® produces high output and high quality photons more efficiently allowing our partners to improve our quality of life.
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RDST Cannibis   RDST Blood  
Cannabis Decontamination
Blood Irradiation
Rad Source’s patented Quastar® Photonic Decontamination technology provides the cannabis industry with the only technology
to safely inactivate Mold, Powdery Mildew, Aspergillus, BTGN, Yeast, Salmonella, E. coli, Coliform and other challenging microbes.
  The newly redesigned RS 3400.
The world’s premier blood irradiator just raised the bar on dose uniformity, productivity and throughput.
Beautiful | Simple | Easy to use
RS 420 Series
Cannabis Decontamination Systems
RS 3400
Blood Irradiator 
RDST RS 420 Series   RDST RS3400 Group  
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RDST Cell Research   RDST Insect  
Cell Research
Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)
The powerful Rad Source RS 1800 Q X-ray Irradiators are designed to investigate biological responses while providing maximum research versatility accommodating cell, tissue culture, seeds and many more life science applications.   An environmentally-friendly pest management solution where the population of insects is controlled by releasing sterile males in a targeted area and protecting the area against invasion/re-invasion and has been successfully applied in over 6 continents.  
RS 1800 Biological Irradiator
RS 2400 Series
RDST RS1800Q Group   RDST RS2400  
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