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Device agnostic Green Button Go® Scheduler improves and automates complex science workflows.

Its sophisticated software tools and driver library support a wide range of scientific applications and methods.
  The software controls existing processes, from automating manual workflows to repurposing immunoassay automation, freeing you from doing manual work so you can spend your time on the meaningful research you
do to make an impact.
Groundbreaking Software That Multiplies Lab Productivity 

Plug And Play with hundreds of devices and instruments
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Genomics Cell Biology Proteomics Compound Management
Reduce the need for user interaction
Flexible scheduling tools for modern cell biology
Automate your protein science and discovery processes
Essential to modern
drug discovery
Green Button Go® Scheduler is an automated laboratory scheduling software that operates at the level of an integrated workstation, pairing ultimate flexibility with ultimate useability.  Integrate, control, and schedule multiple instruments or devices with ease.

Green Button Go Scheduler helps you make the most of the automated tools in your lab.  Looking to control a liquid handler, a robot, and an incubator in one streamlined workflow?  Biosero have got you covered.  Or maybe you want to automate an entire biological assay or experiment.  Hardware will get you part of the way there, but you’ll need robust software for truly automated, walkaway processes.
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While Green Button Go Scheduler can be implemented in virtually any laboratory, it is widely used for these types of science:
•    Synthetic Biology
•    Next-Generation Sequencing
•    Cell Culturing
•    Digital Biology
•    Clinical Diagnostics
•    Cell and Gene Therapy
•    Biological Profiling
•    Compound Management
•    Synthetic Chemistry
•    Formulation Chemistry
•    Bioanalytical
•    Agriscience
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