NanoString Technologies

NSTG 200x60

NanoString’s Multiomic Technology

NanoString’s multiomic technology uses molecular barcodes to detect and quantify individual RNA and protein molecules using simple, reliable, enzyme-free, hybridisation chemistries. Applications span molecule mapping with sub-cellular resolution, whole transcriptome spatial analyses and high-plex bulk analysis of RNA, miRNA, and DNA in single tube assays, all with the clarity, precision and robustness of digital data.


NSTG CosMx Platform 295x212   NSTG GeoMx Platform 295x212   NSTG AtoMx Platform 295x212   NSTG nCounter Platform 295x212
CosMx™ SMI
(spatial molecular imager)
to map up to 6000-plex RNA and 120-plex protein molecules in slide-mounted tissue (including FFPE sections) with sub-cellular precision. CosMx SMI is the industry-leading single-cell analysis technology.
GeoMx® DSP
(digital spatial profiler)
to sample RNA and protein molecules from targeted tissue regions (including FFPE tissue sections) with single-cell precision. Quantify whole transcriptome RNA (>22,000-plex) or 100’s-plex protein using standard and automatable slide-mounted tissue processing. GeoMx DSP is the deep-dive discovery platform for cell and tissue biology.
AtoMx™ SIP
(spatial informatics platform)
supports the CosMx SMI and GeoMx DSP platforms. AtoMx is the only cloud-based, fully integrated informatics platform for spatial biology.
nCounter® bulk molecule counting system
can detect RNA (all variants including mRNA, miRNA, circular, etc.) with unmatched precision and robustness. The nCounter can routinize and automate assays to over 800-plex for research and clinical applications.
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Data Analysis Solutions

Software solutions, data hub and data analysis services
  • Spatial Data Analysis Service
  • GeoScript™ Hub for spatial biology 
  • Oncology Signatures Analysis Service
  • nCounter Data Analysis Service
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Key Applications

Clinical Diagnostics & Healthcare   Cancer & Medical Research   Drug Discovery & Development   Molecular Biology   Proteomics
Food & Beverage   Water & Environment   Veterinary   Microbiology   Plant Science