Ansell 1018 Ansell are the world leader in hand protection and have the Personal Protective Equipment to go hand in glove with on the job hand safety needs of your company. A worker's hands are their most vital tools and Ansell offers a wide range of PPE products, for a variety of industries and applications.
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Are You Using The Right Glove?

This wallchart contains important information relating to glove barrier performance against a range of chemicals, helping you choose the correct glove for the job
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Online digital tool designed to help make
workplaces safer
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Ansell’s protective clothing range includes safety gloves specially designed and manufactured for the industry you work in, life-sciences, food handling, mechanical or transport. Ansell gloves protect workers against bruises, cuts, chemicals, temperature extremes and many other occupational hazards, delivering the ultimate in hand protection across a variety of applications.
The PPE and hand safety needs of all industries are covered with Ansell’s vast range of safety gloves, including TouchNTuff, Microflex, Powerflex, Alphatec, and HyFlex brands.

Ansell offers comprehensive business solutions and assists companies in choosing the best safety supplies and protective clothing to meet their needs, while managing budgets and the bottom line. Ansell safety specialists work directly with corporate and plant representatives, using their knowledge and experience to develop highly effective work safety programs with quantifiable results. Ansell consultants are also available to conduct workplace health and safety audits to assist with the development of the best hand safety solutions.
Hand injuries in the workplace result in lost productivity and impose a physical and emotional burden on workers and their families. Yet there is a tendency for workers to take hand safety for granted. Too many workers operate in hazardous environments without safety gloves or with inadequate protective clothing, risking injury and subsequent loss of productivity.

Ansell's comprehensive hand safety solutions and protective clothing innovations help reduce workplace injury and boost productivity across a wide range of industries. Ansell's personal protective equipment (PPE) delivers superior hand protection, combined with high levels of comfort and performance, for the improved workplace health and productivity that you need.

Ansell industrial safety products are backed by an international record of innovation and customer-focused development, as well as support from a global partner network.
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