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B 0313 OLI

One Lambda

HLA antibody screening and DNA typing reagents and antibodies
B 0313 HamiltonRo

Hamilton Robotics

Liquid handling robots; laboratory automation; automated compound & sample storage systems
B 0915 MolDev

Molecular Devices

Microplate readers & washers; microarray scanners; drug discovery; high content screening; research software
B 0313 Qiagen


Automated sample & assay technologies; protein sample & assay technologies; genomic & plasmid DNA sample technologies; DNA cleanup sample technologies
B 0313 LeicaBS

Leica Biosystems

Microtomes; Cryostats; Stainers; Coverslippers; Printers; Embedding Centres & Histology Consumables
B 0313 LeicaMS

Leica Microsystems

Microscopes, digital cameras
B 0313 NanoString


Digital quantification of nucleic acids
B 0214 Esco


Cabinets (Class II+III, laminar flow, PCR, powder weighing), animal work stations, recirculating fume hoods, isolators, CO2 incubators, freeze dryer, IVF cabinets + incubators, ovens, lab refrigerators + freezers
B 0913 CryoXract


The first benchtop frozen tissue aliquotter
B 0715 Priorclave


Autoclaves, steam sterilizers & accessories
B 0313 Kaltis


Ultra low temperature freezers and accessories
B 0614 Gyrozen


Wide range of centrifuges
B 0313 Miele

Miele Professional

Laboratory glassware washers and hospital washers/disinfectors
B 0313 LaboGene


Cabinets, freeze dryers, concentrators, clean air containment areas
B 0313 EuroDia

Euro Diagnostica

Specialist EIA kits for Immunology
B AnaytikJena 17

Analytik Jena (UVP)

Gel documentation & live animal imaging systems; transilluminators; UV lamps; hybridisation ovens; crosslinkers; PCR workstations
B 0313 HamiltonCo

Hamilton Company

Auto Diluters/Dispensers, In-line Sensors (pH, DO, ORP, Conductivity), Laboratory electrodes, Standards & Buffers, Syringes & Needles, HPLC Columns, Pipettes & Tips
B 0313 Arise

Arise Biotech

Automatic pipetting systems for low-volume PCR/qPCR sample preparation
B 0313 AlphaMOS

Alpha MOS

Electronic noses, tongues & eyes for flavour, odour, colour and texture analysis

B 0313 Gesim


Micro fluidic delivery systems
B Elga 17

Elga LabWater

ELGA manufactures, supplies and services water purification systems for use in general, R&D, healthcare and clinical laboratories

B ClickBio 17


Supplier of new Innovative FlexTrough and VBLOK 200 Reagent trough laboratory configurable
consumables that are automation friendly
B MSD 17

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD)

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) is a global leader for innovative assays and instruments for the measurement of molecules in biological samples. MSD’s proprietary MULTI ARRAY technology enables researchers to profile many biomarkers simultaneously in a single sample without compromising assay performance.