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TCHP sm 2017
Plastic consumables for Life Science, pathology, food and beverage, industrial, mining and environmental applications
TENA sm 2017
Freezer racking, freezer boxes
TERU sm 2017
Syringes, needles and accessories
THER Thermoline sm 0420
Thermoline Scientific
A trusted name in the manufacture and supply of scientific and laboratory test equipment
Titkertek BERT sm 0313
Luminescence and fluorescence spectrophotometers & plate readers, small ELISA systems, liquid handling
TOMY sm 2017
Autoclaves and capsule-fuges


Rely-on-VIRKON BRAA sm 0420
see Rely+On™ Virkon


WAKO Fujifilm sm 0420
Wako Pure Chemical Industries
(now Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation)
Products include clinical diagnostic reagents and laboratory / speciality chemicals
Cytiva GEHE sm 0820
Whatman Filtration
is a Cytiva brand specialising in laboratory filtration products and separation technologies. Whatman products cover a range of laboratory applications that require filtration, sample collection, blotting, lateral flow components and flow-through assays and other general laboratory
WHIU Whiteley sm 0313
Whiteley Medical
Laboratory, Industrial and Hospital Grade Detergents and Disinfectants
WIPA Wipak sm 17
Packaging solutions for food products and medical instruments and devices