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Oct-Dec 2022
Axypet® Pro Pipettors
Free Extras
BioEcho Reaction Kits
Free Cap Puncher
Boeco Low Form Beakers
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Current Promotions and Special Offers.
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Engineered to provide the highest levels of ergonomics, accuracy, and precision.
Purchase 4 pipettors and receive a FREE stand and FREE tips!
Next Generation Kits for Nucleic Acid Extraction
Providing scientists with pure Nucleic Acid extraction by only one centrifugation step.
Manufactured in Germany from borosilicate 3.3 glass to ISO 3819 standards.
Available from 25ml to 3L
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GEHE-ANZ-2210-Cytiva-Columns   EPBR NZ 2210 Slides Yellow   ESCO NZ 2207 Airstream E   ESCO NZ 2210 EOY-Specials
Superfrost Microscope Slides - Yellow
15% Off
Airstream E Class II Cabinet; 1.2m Type A2
Free Extras
End-of-Year Specials
20-25% Off
Line your columns in a row!
High Resolution SEC Columns
PD-10 Desalting Column
HiTrap™ Columns
The printed tab is impervious to virtually all common laboratory chemicals and reagents.
Manufactured from extra-white soda-lime glass with very low iron content. 
Also available in 0.6, 0.9, 1.5 and 1.8m widths.
Safety ensured: Interlocked UV light with timer
Glass side panels allowing entry of more “natural” light.
3-year warranty
Airstream PCR-4A1 1.2m Cabinet
Quality HEPA Filtered PCR Workstation with UV Light.
Isotherm Ovens
170 and 240 litre capacities
Stainless steel interior and shelves
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GERH-ANZ-2210-Vapodest500C   GRAN-ANZ-2210-Vortex-Mixers   GYRO-NZ-2210-Micro-Rotor   IKAA-ANZ-2210-Twister
Vapodest 500C 
Easy Operation
CVP-2 All-In-One PCR Plate Centrifuge/Vortex
10% Off
Gyrozen 1536 Microcentrifuge
Package Deal
All-New Twister Magnetic Stirrer 
Robust and safe
Fully automated distillation system with autosampler
The VAPODEST 500 C has everything on board for Kjeldahl analysis. Only a water supply is required and the VAPODEST is ready for operation.
Allows for the simultaneous sample preparation of multiple samples at one time.
Offers 3 devices in one:
Centrifuge with vortex mixing
PCR plate centrifuge
PCR plate mixer
Biocontainment Rotor, is quick, compact, and easy-to-use.
Perfect for everyday laboratory use
Strong steel layered door with auto-lock function
2-year warranty.
Connect up to 30 individual units together and control each one independently or simultaneously.
Versatile accessories allows you to transform the magnetic stirrer into a vortex, shaker or multi-place stirrer.
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JASC-ANZ-2210-Spectrometers   MANA-NZ-2210-Test-Strips   OHAU-NZ-2210-Balances   SANY-NZ-2210-PHCbi-Cooling
JASCO FT/IR 4X Spectrometer
Latest range
Macherey Nagel Rapid Test Strips
Stock Up & Save
OHAUS Navigator Portable Balances
Free USB Kit
Cooling Specials
Save over 30%
A powerful Mid-IR FTIR spectrometer, with many features that you find in a research grade instrument.
Large sample compartment.
A wide range of pH and speciality test strips for detecting chemicals like phenolphthalein, sulphites, peroxide, nitrates and QUAT
Multi-purpose portable balances suitable for everyday weighing.
Ex demo units at great prices!
-30°C Biomedical Chest Freezer
-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer
Beat the New Year price rise!
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ROLL-NZ-2210-Fridge-Freezer   SCAR-NZ-2210-Aquagent   SHEW-ANZ-2210-Balance   TENA-ANZ-2210-Clear-Out
LEC Under-Bench Fridge and Freezer
Aquagent® Volumetric KF Reagents
Free Sample
MSB-MK1 Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
20% Off
Inventory Clear Out on TENAK
50% Off
Compact, safe and reliable.
An energy efficient, temperature-controlled, and safe storage option for combustible products
+2°C to +10°C (fridge), -18°C to -20°C (freezer)
1-year warranty
More stable, more versatile, greater batch consistency, Pyridine Free. Replaces SCAR00031000
Free Samples -Aquagent® Complet 5 (500ml)
Aquagent® Methanol Fast (500ml) for Faster Volumetric titrations 0.1% - 100% water content
Proven to be the ideal instrument for use in teaching laboratories
Simple and quick to use with digital display of result
Uses the Evan’s method (a variant of the Guoy method)
12-month warranty
Beat the New Year Price Rise!
Available stock only, while stocks last.
For Upright Freezers:
Standard or Comfort Rack
Cardboard Cryoboxes
Wxd 133x133
More produces available.
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