SKAL Formacs

SKAL 200x60


The perfect solution when there is a need for rapid and reliable tests for carbon and/or nitrogen in samples coming from a variety of natural, domestic and industrial sources.
Face your analytical and throughput challenges
The FormacsSERIES is ideal for fast, reliable determination of carbon species and nitrogen by high temperature catalytic combustion in a wide range of environmental samples.

The FormacsHT is designed to measure TC, IC, TOC, NPOC, POC and DOC in cleaner sample types, whether in large batches with a 150-position autosampler or as a stand-alone model.

The FormacsHT-I is especially useful with particulate laden samples and suspensions in mind, with its direct injection mechanism and wide-bore pickup and injection needle.

Both models can be extended with the measurement of TN/TKN and the semi-automatic analysis of TC and IC in solids.
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The FormacsHT TOC analyzer provides a fast and reliable analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in liquid samples using high temperature catalytic combustion. The unit is designed to measure TC, IC, TOC, NPOC, POC and DOC in water samples. The FormacsHT can be extended for TN, NO3 + NO2 analysis and TOC in solids.
The FormacsHT-I TOC/TN analyzers provide fast, reliable analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) in liquid samples by direct sample injection in a high temperature catalytic combustion furnace. The units are especially designed for particulate laden samples (suspensions), but can handle the concentration of nitrogen and/or carbon fractions from various other sample matrices.
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