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The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
October to December issue
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ANSE MicroTouchNitra

Ansell Micro-Touch NitraTex Gloves

Nitrile, powder-free examination glove with strong barrier protection
VALID UNTIL 30 December 2018 more >
AXY Equipment

Axygen Quality Lab Equipment

15 % off Centrifuges, Gel Documentation Systems, Thermal Cyclers, Horizontal Gel Boxes, Semi-automatic Plate Sealers
VALID UNTIL 31 December  2018 more >
AXYG PipettorStarterKit

Axygen Pipettor Starter Kits

AxyPet pipettors combine the highest levels of accuracy and precision with design innovations intended to make the pipetting experience more comfortable over
prolonged use.
Order now to get your free stand or carousel with your purchase!
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CORN CoolProducts

Corning CoolProducts

The Corning Cryogenic Storage Solutions ensure standardised, controlled-rate freezing for all cell types
Savings on CoolCell LX range
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DURA UtilityLabBottles 2

DURAN® UTILITY Laboratory Bottles

Clear and amber DURAN® YOUTILITY bottles with slimmer shape for optimal space usage in your autoclaves and refrigerators
25 % off!
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FALC CultureSlides

Falcon® Culture Slides

Designed for consistent cell culture results, Falcon Culture Slides allow you to culture cells and then analyse them on a glass microscope slide
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GRAN WaterBaths 2

Grant Water Baths

So many reasons to choose a Grant water bath - reliability, simplicity, service!
10% off!
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HAMC Microlab600 2

Hamilton Company Microlab 600 Diluter Dispensers

All new reduced pricing and an additional set of syringes at no cost!
For a limited time, send us the serial number of your existing Microlab 500 Diluter Dispenser and we will supply you an advanced controller for the price of a basic
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
HEID Equipment

NEW Heidolph Mix It, Stir It, Shake It!

Quickly suspend, homogenously emulsify, carefully mix, temperately move, steadily pump, or precisely measure – the right solution for every requirement. Research made easy!
HEID Rotavap

NEW Heidolph HEI-VAP Intelligent Evaporation

Whether you wish to distill small samples for analysis, prepare large batches, or continuous evaporation – the Hei-VAP range has the right solution for every task.
Made in Germany!
HORI CRISPR EditedCellLines

Horizon CRISPR Edited Cell Lines

Buy in Bulk and save THOUSANDS!
Ready-made Knock-In, Knock-Out and Reporter cell lines
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
INTE AdjustSpacingPipettes

Integra Adjustable Spacing Pipettes

Trade-in any adjustable tip spacing pipette and save on a new VOYAGER!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
LEIB HistocoreMulticut

NEW Leica Biosystems HistoCore MULTICUT Semimotorised Rotary Microtome

When you need the precision and speed of manual sectioning with the efficiency benefits of a semi-automated setup, the HistoCore MULTICUT saves the day
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
LEIM SurgipathParaplast 2

Surgipath® Paraplast® Tissue Embedding Medium

Different pack size = lower price per kg
Paraplast is recommended for general tissue embedding
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
LEIM YearEndSpecial

Leica Microsystems Year-End Specials

A perfect match to your application
Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of microscope cameras for every application (for all contrast methods), contact us now
10% off!
VALID UNTIL 20 December 2018 more >
MARI SlidesCoverslips

Marienfeld Slides and Coverslips

The brand Marienfeld Superior is a synonym for quality and reliability, with more then 90 years experience in developing and producing laboratory glassware
Now on Sale!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
MDEV CellImagingSystem

Molecular Devices IXP Lab Start-Up Package

Intelligent cell imaging and analysis integrated in a single, affordable system
Purchase before 14 December and receive a lab startup configuration for under $100,000
VALID UNTIL 14 December 2018 more >
MDEV QuickDrop

Molecular Devices SpectraMax® Offer

Buy 1 Multi-Mode Plate Reader and receive a free SpectraMax® QuickDrop Spectrophotometer
VALID UNTIL 14 December 2018 more >
PALL UnusualSuspects

Pall Life Sciences - Filters

HPLC Criminals - Your analytical lab is at threat of everyday issues caused by the same troublesome characters
Learn how these nasty criminals are infiltrating your lab
PHCbi BiomedFreezer MDF-U731M

PHCbi -30°C Upright Biomedical Freezer

Direct cooling and manual defrost for storing temperature sensitive samples
Large capacity with 4 adjustable wire shelves - MDF-U731M, 690 Litres
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
PHCbi Freezer MDF-U33V

PHCbi -86°C Upright Freezer

Reliable compact -86°C storage with cascade refrigeration & VIP PLUS insulation ensures maximum storage capacity with a compact footprint - MDF-U33V, 333 Litres
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
PHCbi PharmaFridge MPR-514

PHCbi Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, 2°C to 14°C

MPR-514 - smaller footprint due to dual sliding doors – but capacity of 489 litres!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >


Simplify the Way You Amplify
Use the same 45-minute protocol for all your templates!
40% introductory discount!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
QIAG QuantiNova

QIAGEN QuantiNova Kits

Reap the benefits of the new-generation QuantiNova Kits
See how the yellow template buffer and blue master mix give you a green light for all your reactions.
Special 38% discount!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
SACRUZ FreeSamples

Santa Cruz Free Monoclonal Samples

Achieve better research results using superior monoclonal antibodies from Santa Cruz!
Contact us to receive FREE 10 μg samples.
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
VWRI EquipmentBrochure

VWR Laboratory Benchtop Equipment 

Start Saving with VWR Laboratory Benchtop Equipment!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
VWRI GarmentsBrochure

VWR Garments for Laboratories and Clean Rooms

Protection from Head to Toe - clean room garments are manufactured at special ISO accredited facilities. Data sheets and conformity declarations can be downloaded
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
VWRI SievesBrochure

Certified Analytical Sieves by VWR

Replace your old sieves or complete your range with certified quality products!
FEATURE more >
VWRI NextGenPipetteTips

VWR Next Generation pipette tips

Save money and reduce waste with VWR Next Generation Tips!
VWR Pipette tips NEXT GENERATION refill packs, racks and refill boxes. These tips are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade PP
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >

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