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Ohaus 1018
OHAUS first began in 1907 as a small-scale repair business and have established themselves as a trusted supplier of precise and reliable balances and scales. Products include: laboratory analytical and precision balances; industrial balances; pH and conductivity meters, centrifuges, shakers, vortex mixers and dry heat blocks. 


Laboratory Balances

OHAU LabBalances
Analytical Balances
OHAUS analytical balances are suitable for those looking to measure small masses. These balances can also be referred to as lab balances and can measure in the less than milligram range. The Explorer® Semi-Micro is the perfect product for those requiring as little as 0.01mg readability, up to 220g. Whether you need to weigh items each day, or require ultimate precision for once off weighing, OHAUS has a wide range of balances to suit.
Precision Balances
If you want to measure small masses, OHAUS precision balances are perfect for the task as they can measure in the less than milligram range. This type of balance offers the highest reliability and accuracy, and is suitable for use in both laboratory or industrial environments. 

Industrial Scales

OHAU IndScales
Industrial Bench Scales
Bench scales are perfect for weighing a wide range of items and are used in industries such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and retail. Whether you're looking to count parts, check the weight of products before packaging or shipment or meet traceability requirements, OHAUS range of bench scales can meet the tasks at hand. 
Shipping Scales
Shipping scales designed to weigh items from as little as a few Kilos up to 2 tons.

Lab Equipment

OHAU LabEquipment
pH meters, DO meters and Conductivity
OHAUS meters can be used to measure a number of parameters including pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity and more. The benchtop and portable meters are perfect for use in lab or food manufacturing environments. The OHAUS range extends from user-friendly economic meters to premium performance meters. 
Open air shakers 
If you want to mix, blend or agitate a substance, OHAUS open air shakers are ideal for your requirements. There are numerous motions available, from orbital and reciprocating motions to rocking and waving. Orbital motion is used to mix vessels such as flasks, bottles, tubes, and blot boxes in a circular motion providing a smooth continuous uniform. Rocking motion is often used for more delicate applications and employs a tilting motion. 
Incubating and Cooling Shakers
OHAUS Incubating Cooling Shakers are suitable for users looking to promote cell growth. Cells often require shaking to oxygenate the cells and circulate nutrients evenly, but they also need to be maintained at a steady temperature.  This product lets you perform these tasks all in a compact, convenient design perfect for saving space in the lab. 
Vortex mixers
A range of analogue and digital vortex mixers to fix every lab.
OHAUS centrifuges are great for those in laboratories or life science sectors looking to separate liquids from solids or fluids of different densities. They are perfect for almost every application with models available to spin 1.5ml to 250ml tubes using both angle and swing-out rotors. 
Dry Block heater
A range of dry block heaters with a wide range of accessories that fit most kinds of tubes and plates. Can’t find your size? OHAUS can custom-make accessories for you! 
Hotplates and Stirrers
Designed with ease of use in mind, all mini-hotplate stirrer models feature an easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant ceramic top plate with a reflective white surface.

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