TOMY sm 2017 Founded in 1958, TOMY has dedicated itself to providing high quality instruments across various industry segments, including biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science and food development. Tomy products are designed and manufactured with unique and advanced technologies, with a goal to exceed customer expectations.
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Bio Waste Disposal
Find out how you can safely dispose of your bio waste using a Separator kit for petri dishes and the ST-ZERO bio waste sterilisation container. 

The Tomy SX series range of portable autoclaves provide many key features. Installation space saving at the side of the main body as the SX series autoclaves have a top-opening lid. A rapid air-cooling function (vessel-cooling fan) providing a reduction of chamber cool down time. The LED display shows working status for easy monitoring. The optimal sterilizing course can be selected from among five courses, such as the liquid sterilizing course in addition to that for normal sterilization. Has a flat internal surface of the chamber and lid opening and closing detection mechanism.

• Large indication lamp provided at the upper section of the operating panel
• Auto-variable exhaust speed with timer functions
• Variable temperature setting such as to 100°C as well as to 121 °C has been made possible
• Exhaust bottle detection mechanism and leakage breaker provided

TOMY SX-family
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