SKAL 200x60


Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platforms offer dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing.
Routine analytical testing has never been this easy!
The SP2000 automation solutions are available for a variety of applications including: BOD, COD, test kit applications, pH, conductivity (EC), alkalinity and other titrations, turbidity, color, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications, particle size distribution, automatic weighing, sample filtration etc. Combinations of analyses or custom-made applications are also possible.

All applied methods are in compliance with international regulations ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, DIN etc.

The modular design and flexible, user-defined automation allows the instruments to meet your exact requirements resulting in increased productivity and accuracy of results, while reducing the sample turn-around time, costs per sample and eliminating errors and operator/sample interaction.

The complete platform is enclosed by protective front and side covers to comply with applicable CE regulations. The analyzers are controlled by Skalar's own RoboticAccessTM software package which includes pre-set application files, analyses scheduler, user-definable sample table set-up, user-definable print & export options to LIMS/Excel and an extensive set of QC features.

The SP2000 platforms are upgradeable and can be modified according to your changing needs, making your initial investment even more valuable.