The Proteograph™ Solution

Seer offers the first and only automated platform for proteomic studies that enables sampling across the entire plasma proteome’s wide dynamic range, allowing discovery of novel protein variants with the reproducibility and speed needed for high throughput studies.
The Proteograph Product Suite is designed for researchers performing discovery proteomics experiments with biofluids such as plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), or conditioned culture media.

It includes the SP100 Automation Instrument, the Proteograph Assay Kit with quality controls, and the Proteograph™ Analysis Suite (PAS) software, and requires the use of an existing LC-MS instrument provided by the user.
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Proteograph Overview

In just ten minutes,
learn how the Proteograph can help
you detect novel proteins and protein
variants that other methods
miss, resulting in accurate, precise,
and reproducible insights
SEER SP100 Automation Instrument 300x300 Proteograph XT Assay Kit 300x300 PAS software 300x300  
SP100 Automation Instrument
Proteograph™ XT Assay Kit
Proteograph Analysis Suite
Fully automated sample preparation, with minimal hands-on time and high reproducibility High-throughput and robust proteomics without compromising protein depth, accuracy, or precision Analyze your data in a matter of
minutes and just a few clicks
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