Scharlau 0819 Over 60 years experience in manufacturing chemicals and reagents.

Since 1995 Scharlab, the Lab Sourcing Group, has implemented a quality system meeting the requirements of ISO 9000, and since 2002 an environmental system  in the production unit according to the requirements of ISO 14000. 
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General Information
Chemicals and reagents information sorted by application, grades or sector.
Information and tutorials on our Aquagent pyridine-free reagents for Karl Fischer Titration.
Mobile Reader App for IOS and Android
Download the App to obtain technical documents and mini safety labels by simply scanning the QR code on your Scharlau bottle. The mini safety labels include colour hazard symbols, hazard indications (H) and precautionary statements (P).
                  SCAR Headspace                    SCAR Buffer                     SCAR Chemispill
Solvents for GC HeadSpace
Information and tutorials on the use of our solvents for the analysis and quantification of volatile residual solvents by Headspace Gras Chromatography.
Standard buffer solution
Information and procedures for pH-meter calibration with our Scharlau’s standard buffer solutions.
Information and tutorial about our Chemispill® range of absorbents for laboratory spillages.