PHCbi 1018 PHCbi is part of the global PHC group, manufacturing market leading technology spanning preservation and incubation devices for the research and healthcare industries. Although the brand has changed since the first launch of the Pharmaceutical Refrigerator in 1966, the “Monozukuri* Way” is PHCbi’s commitment to quality, told through by the high degree of reliability and consistency that can be expected from their products. 
*Monozukuri = Craftmanship
Twinguard is PHCbi’s flagship ULT -86°C freezer technology. The use of 2 independent refrigeration systems offers the highest level of protection for all samples by maintaining a uniform -70°C temperature with only one compressor. With new innovative technology coming through, PHCbi is at the forefront of reducing the burden of ownership by introducing energy efficient technology into their range of freezers and fridges.    PHCbi CO2 Incubators with innovative technologies offer outstanding quality in performance, to maximise cell culture productivity and provide optimum results and reproducibility. IncuSafe copper-embedded stainless steel and UV sterilised airflow provide the passive contamination control during cell culture. Afterwards, actively decontaminate with either 12 h 180°C high heat or the industry’s fastest 2.5 h H2O2 decontamination, a safe and efficient process to get your research back on track.
PHCbi Freezer ULT MDF-DU702VX 02


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