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Microscope Cameras and Software


LEIM Parotid-Gland Comparison 5 NEW Microscopes Cameras
Fast live images
High pixel resolutions
Clear contrast

LEIM K8 Cropped


LEIM DM6 150x150



Microscope cameras from Leica are particularly remarkable for their fast live images, short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. And they are compatible with almost all Leica microscopes and macroscopes.

Sophisticated Microscope Cameras
Leica Microsystems have the right camera for every application to record exactly what you see through their high-performance instruments. Photographs with a resolution of more than 12 million pixels, ultra high sensitivity and optimum colour fidelity are possible with Leica Microscope Cameras.

Imaging and Analysis of the Finest Details
The Leica product range covers digital Microscope Cameras with intuitive software for archiving, measurement, analysis and presentation. 100 % reproducibility of the exposures and highly convenient remote control of the cameras and ensure a fast and economical workflow.
Microscope imaging software by Leica Microsystems is an integral part of the microscope system. The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface guides you through every step of the workflow. This enables you to quickly set up and carry out experiments and focus on the application rather than the technology.

Life Sciences, Materials Sciences and Education
From basic manual to fully automated microscopes and highly complex confocal systems, Leica Microsystems’ microscope imaging software saves time and delivers fast results on all our microscope platforms. The modular systems are suitable for nearly any application in research, medicine, education and industry.
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