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Dec 2022 Newsletter
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Step into the era of - No Constraints

Is your microscope holding you back?

Limited access to advanced equipment can sometimes hold you back from putting your results into spatial context. 

What if you could visualize four colours, simultaneously, in widefield  and then freely switch to confocal to more easily correlate data and explore unexpected paths? 

Now you can, with Mica
LEIM Mica-Sequential-Acquisition SQ LEIM Mica-Simultaneous-Acquisition SQ
Conventional Microscope
Sequential Acquisition
Simultaneous Acquisition
Find out how you can get 4x more data with 100% correlation.
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Step into the era of - Radically Simplified Workflows
  LEIM-mica-spheroids-4 200px Complex Microscope workflows costing you time and money?

Experiments with complex workflows take a lot of time and effort, and it can sometimes be difficult to get reliable data out of them at the end.

What if you could benefit from automation and AI to enable deeper understanding and a faster track to publication? 

Now you can, with Mica - the world's first Microhub.
Reduce over 60% of process steps through system intelligence.

Mica unifies transmitted and fluorescence light imaging modalities. 

You can select from multiple imaging modalities all within one Microhub, including widefield, confocal, THUNDER imaging, LIGHTNING, Z-stacks, time-lapse and more.
  Learn how you can get from sample to discovery faster
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