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Stereo Microscopes & Macroscopes


LEIM workhosrse-m125 150x150 Stereo microscopes and macroscopes from Leica Microsystems enable you to view, analyze and document your specimens in two and three dimensions. When combined with crisp LED illumination, high-performance digital cameras and easy-to-use Leica Application Suite software, these imaging systems provide powerful solutions for precise analysis and documentation. Whether you need research, laboratory, educational or industrial stereo microscopes, Leica Microsystems provides customized packages for your specific application.

Stereo microscopes for different applications
Different applications make different demands of a stereo microscope. Leica Microsystems identify customers‘ needs and take them as the basis for their product development. Thanks to the modular design of their stereo microscopes, they can provide a customized solution for any application imaginable.

Ergonomics boosts your productivity and cuts costs Leica Microsystems stereo microscopes adapt to their users, not the other way round! Invest in ergonomical workstations for fatigue-free work and greater productivity. The comprehensive ergonomy program enables every user to match their Leica stereo microscope to their individual size and the way they work.
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