Hamilton Robotics Key Features

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Key Features and Differentiators

 Hamilton Robotics is a leading global provider of a wide range of liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation solutions that improves the quality, accuracy and reliability of laboratory processes and research.
Hamilton Robotics’ advanced technologies and benefits include:
HAMR Software   HAMR Air-Displacement V2   HAMR CORE II Tech 200x200   HAMR LLD 200x200  
Decades of advancement and refinement
  Air Displacement
For the best process security, reliability and throughput
  CO-RE II Technology
Compression-induced O-ring expansion at a higher level
  Liquid Level Detection
Capacitance and Pressure.
Liquids in the tip, not on the tip

HAMR Capactive Clot Detection   HAMR Monitored Air-Displacement   HAMR Anti Droplet   HAMR Aspiration-Dispense Monitoring  
Clot Detection
Prevent clots hanging from
  Monitored Air
Monitor you're aspiration process in real-time
Prevent droplet release from tips in real-time
  Total Aspiration & Dispense Monitoring
Monitor your total pipetting process in real-time