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Software and Data Management

Hamilton’s Software for the Nimbus, STARline and Vantage provides basic and advanced programming features allowing for flexible assay development without compromise. Intuitive editors provide full control over every aspect of your method allowing you to build custom Graphical User Interfaces the way you like, control labware loading and transport around the robot, control all aliquoting steps, build in custom error handling and even create custom output files and run reports.

The Software is designed to be as easy as you need, yet powerful enough to provide the flexibility to develop assays exactly the way you want them automated. Best of all, no previous programming experience is required.

Power Steps
Power Steps offers a quick and easy start into the world of automation by providing intuitive visual guides for the most frequently used pipetting tasks.
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1.    Select the step/operation type you want to perform 
2.    Color codes immediately indicate which tip type is used to aspirate from which source and into which target 
3.    The most important parameters can be seen at a glance, and the volume, liquid and additional handling of the tips (waste/reuse) can be adjusted simple and easily 
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4.    If more advanced control is desired, easily adjust all aspects of the aspiration and dispense settings  

5.    The most common reasons for errors can be controlled so that no valuable time is lost, and the workflows runs smoothly as possible without user intervention 
6.    Customize your output files so they are formatted and look exactly how you need them for your LIMS or downstream processes 
File handling, traceability and interfacing with LIMS
Modern laboratories generate significant amounts of data hence there is not only a need for automation of sample processing but for data management as well. To maximize the automation capabilities of your laboratory Hamilton software provides various solutions to generate detailed process reports or interface directly with existing LIMS through a network or database. Hamilton’s software can generate and read data from many different file formats and databases, accommodating practically any existing LIMS.   
HAMR File Types  
HAMR Software Suppliers  

HAMR software Map
Once a sample enters the Hamilton liquid handler, the software follows each sample from the start to the end of the run. 
The Hamilton software automatically records every stage of the sample during the process to an internal SQL database file.

Information captured in this tracking process includes:
  • Volumes transferred of samples and reagents
  • Samples location
  • Samples and racks identification/barcode
  • Action time and Lab Operator logged in
  • Errors occurred (hardware, user intervention, barcode reading errors)