Hamilton Robotics Microlab Star

hamr STAR 400X260 (1)

Microlab® STAR™

The STAR combines Hamilton's patented pipetting technology including precise lock-and-key tip attachment, unrivalled liquid level detection, and comprehensive volume ranges to create flexible liquid handling workstations.

Available in three base platform sizes, the STAR portfolio incorporates countless options to automate your workflows.
  • Patented Pipetting Technology for precision and reliability
  • Multi-functional arm with comprehensive pipetting range of 0.5 uL to 5 mL depending on the channel types used
  • Flexible setup with high-capacity decks accommodating a huge range of labware and advanced integration options
  • Complete process security and traceability
  • Unlimited flexibility with integrated tools and devices
  • Future proofed with retrofittable hardware, carriers and device upgraded
Hamilton Robotics has also partnered with top leaders in the biotechnology industry to provide Standard Solutions based on commonly automated applications. Offering ready-to-start protocols for a variety of applications such as NGS, ELISA, and forensic assays. Standard Solutions provide a faster way to automate your processes.
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