Hamilton Robotics Microlab Prep

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hamr ML Prep 400X360 (1)
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Microlab® Prep™

Classic Hamilton quality in a tiny footprint, only 534 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm. Provides high-end performance for any budget.

Features the same powerful pipetting capabilities found in Hamilton’s largest liquid handlers, including air displacement pipetting, CO-RE technology, and Liquid Level Detection. 

The ML Prep was designed to be as simple to use as a smartphone, with clear walkthroughs that make automating basic lab tasks straightforward and quick. Automatically identifies labware on the deck using machine vision to save time and ensure consistency between runs. Offers simple, touchscreen-based software that makes setting up liquid handling automation clear and understandable.

Automates common time-consuming laboratory tasks, including:
  • Replicating plates
  • Performing a serial dilution
  • Performing cherry-picking or hit-picking
  • Adding reagent
  • Normalization 
  • PCR Preparation 
  • LCMS Preparation
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