Hamilton Robotic Assay Ready Workstations

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Applications and Assay Ready Workstations

Validated Application Areas
  Genomics 150x150   Proteomics 150x150   Cellomics 150x150   Drug Discovery 150x150  
DNA/RNA extraction and purifications Mircoarray sample preparation Cell based assays and feeding Bead based purification PCR/sequencing setup
Clone selection and expansion Antibody production Liquid – liquid extraction Protein purification and digestion Protein crystallization
Solubility assays ELISA preparation and processing Next Generations Sequencing (NGS) MALDI target spotting Compound handling
Sample pooling Sample normalisation CE analysis setup Solid phase extraction Post PCR cleanup

Assay Ready Workstations
Hamilton Robotics provides a range of collaborative solutions with industry leading workflow providers. Verified, pre-configured solutions combining maximum throughput, reliability, and walkaway time to enhance overall laboratory efficiencies and confidence in results.   
HAMR Aliquot-STARlet VacuCap-Channel
Aliquot STARlet
Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of Vacutubes
HAMR Decapper Extract
Decapping STAR
Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of a wide range of tubes with threaded lids
Taking NGS to the next level with one deck configuration for a wide range of qualified applications from Illumina, NEB, Roche and more
HAMR AutoLys-STAR Tubes
AutoLys STAR
Fully automated cell Lysis and DNA extraction from biological evidentiary samples, including sexual assault evidence
HAMR 4 easyPunch
easyPunch STARlet
Fully automated FTA card punching and sample analysis
HAMR easyBlood Plasma Extract
easyBlood STARlet
Image-based detection of plasma, buffy coat and erythrocyte layers in whole blood and automated aliquoted of the desired blood fraction layers
HAMR Phase2-MagEx header
MagEX STARline
Fully automated solutions for magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction
HAMR Elisa Starlet Extraction
Automates your immunoassay workflows with integrated microplate washers and absorbance reader
HAMR Veriseq-Tips
VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR
PCR-free whole genome sequencing during NGS/MPS-based non-invasive prenatal testing
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