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Established in 1947, Bag Diagnostics has decades of experience in developing and producing diagnostic assays in the fields of transplantation, transfusion, human genetics and infectiology. BAG Diagnostics provides test systems and reagents which always deliver the highest quality for your diagnostics. This quality ensures that people with impaired organ function, genetic disposition or transfusion needs are given the best possible starting conditions for their recovery/therapy.
  BAG Diagnostics reagents and test systems are tailored for reliable use in
your laboratory, in clinics, blood donation services and specialist practices.
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The comparison of HLA characteristics between patient and recipient is the most important pre-transplantation step. Benefit from our broad spectrum of excellent HLA diagnostic methods. Depending on your individual laboratory requirements, you can choose between serological and molecular genetic methods or HLA typing and HLA antibody diagnostics. These are optimised for both low test numbers and automated high throughput.   Your determination of the blood group antigens from donors and recipients is essential for a safe blood transfusion. That is why our specialists have developed a wide range of test systems, determination methods and aids for serological and molecular genetic blood group diagnostics. With our reliable products, adverse transfusion reactions of the immune system during blood transfusions can be avoided.   For the complex diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and hypersensitivity reactions of the immune system, we have developed customised molecular and serological tests. For more than 40 diseases there is an association with certain HLA alleles. These can indicate a predisposition to disease. Carriers of these characteristics are exposed to a higher specific risk of disease. The determination of these associated HLA alleles can be helpful in your differential diagnosis and the selection of the best therapy.  
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