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Bio-Strategy Source Promotions

The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals, Assays and Kits!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >
MOLE id3-microplate-reader 142px

Molecular Devices: SpectraMax iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

The SpectraMax® iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is the cornerstone of a complete laboratory solution to help you expand the boundaries of your research capabilities.
VALID UNTIL 21 December 2017 more >
HAMR ElisaNimbus 142px

Hamilton Robotics: Elisa Nimbus

Designed using the Microlab NIMBUS liquid handling platform, ELISA NIMBUS is a complete walk-away solution for automated ELISA processing.
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >
CORN CoolCell 142px

Corning: Matrigel and Coolcell Starter Kit Special

The Corning® XT Starter is an open-platform ice-free cooler that accommodates
most CoolRack® and CoolSink® modules.
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >

GEHE ProteinXtra 142px

GE Healthcare: Protein Xtra - Protein Workflow Simplified

Simplify your protein workflows and save today with our NEW Protein Xtra brochure!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
ICNA MPBio FastPrep 142px

MP Biomedicals: powerful FastPrep Homogeniser with lysing kits on special

Grind, Homogenise and Lyse difficult samples in 40 Seconds or Less! Special Price on FastPrep 5G system and 10% Savings on Lysing kits!
VALID UNTIL 11 December 2017 more >
SANY Incubator DualHeat

New Dual Heat Sterilisation Incubators from Panasonic

Key Features: Dual Heat Sterilisation, Precise & Regulated Environment, Improved Use & Maintenance
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >
METB PrecisionBalance

MS Precision Balances from Mettler Toledo

Performance you can trust, reassuringly easy to use. On sale now!
VALID UNTIL 21 December 2017 more >
RBIO HygieneLumitester

Hygiene Lumitester AMP/ATP Instrument from R-Biopharm

The new PD-30 Hygiene Monitoring AMP/ATP instrument offers a temperature stable, sensitive test for hygiene monitoring in your processing plants.
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >
ELGA ChorusFlex

New models for laboratory water purification from Elga

Flexible, configurable and simple - one complete solution for the laboratory!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2017 more >
MIEL G7883

Miele Laboratory Washers Showroom Stock Clearance Sale

Very affordable washing solutions and reliably clean lab wash loads with minimal human intervention from a German manufacturer
VALID UNTIL 21 December 2017 more >
ESCO PCRcabinet

Esco PCR Cabinets for Contaminant-Free PCR!

The proven solution for Contaminant-Free PCR, with Sentinal Microprocessor controllers and available in two sizes
VALID UNTIL 21 December 2017 more >

Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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