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The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
January to March issue
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
CLIC FlexTrough 142px

Click-Bio: FlexTrough Labware Special

New Year Special on all Click-Bio Flex troughs labware orders
Clickbio high-performance microplates, lab plasticware, and laboratory consumables to bring discoveries to light and products to market faster.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
CORN SeroPipettesStripette 142px

Corning: Stripette® Serological Pipettes

Ideal for sterile tissue culture applications, especially while wearing latex gloves, as the wrap reduces static cling.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
HORI CRISPR EditedCellLines 142px

Horizon: CRISPR Edited Cell Lines

Ready-made Knock-In, Knock-Out and Reporter cell lines
Horizon’s isogenic human cell line pairs provide a model system for the study of the role of genes in cellular processes and drug responses.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
SCIL PyrexTestTubes 142px

SciLabware Pyrex Test Tubes

Extra Special Pricing for the New Year on this top range of Pyrex Borosilicate Test Tubes!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
GEHE ProteinXtra 142px

GE Healthcare: Protein Xtra - Protein Workflow Simplified

Simplify your protein workflows and save today with our NEW Protein Xtra brochure!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
MICF Ansell Microflex Nitrile 142px

Ansell Microflex®

Ansell Microflex®93-850 Nitrile Disposable Gloves with TNT™ Chemical Splash Resistance Technology
AXYG FilterTips PCRTubes NZ 142px

Axygen Filter Tips and PCR Tubes

Filter tips and PCR tubes all RNase-/DNase-/Human gDNA-free and non-pyrogenic from Axygen®
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
AXYG LongReachPipetteTips 142px

Axygen Long Reach Pipette Tips

NEW - Axygen Long Reach Tips, ideal for pipetting from long and narrow tubes
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
AZLO Bottles NZ 142px

Azlon Bottles

40% discount on translucent round HDPE Bottles with narrow and wide necks
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
SCOT Duran UtilityLabBottles NZ 142px

DURAN® UTILITY Laboratory Bottles

DURAN® YOUTILITY clear and amber Laboratory bottles with GL 45 thread
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
SANT MonoSamples BS1801 NZ 142px

FREE Monoclonal Samples!

Achieve better research results using superior monoclonal antibodies from Santa Cruz
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
LEIB HistoConsumables NZ 142px

Surgipath Consumables for Histology

Leica Biosystems has a range of histology and general laboratory consumables
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
PALL CentrifugalDevices 142px

Pall Centrifugal Devices

Great for simple, reliable concentrating and desalting of samples
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
QIAG MicrobiomeResearch NZ 142px

QIAGEN Microbiome Research Promotion

Superior extraction of DNA, RNA and Protein from challenging samples - take your microbiome research to new heights!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
TCHP PetriDishes 142px

Techno Plas Stacker Plate Petri Dishes

Used for microbiological testing in food, dairy, health, research, university and a range of other industries
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >
VIRA DetergentsNeutraliser NZ 142px

Whiteley Machine Detergents and Neutraliser

High Quality and Cost-Effective Machine Detergents
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2018 more >

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