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Bio-Strategy SOURCE
Oct - Dec 2021
Bio-Strategy Brainteaser
Your chance to win
Trade-In on Readers
Any Make/Model
LC-4000 series HPLC
25% off
Promotions on Equipment and Consumables 
Including your chance to win a gift hamper! 
Call Us or order online at shop.bio-strategy.com
Complete the brainteaser in our Source mailer and register your answer here
Answer and Winner will be announced in our December eNewsletter
Update Your Lab For 2022
Save up to 35% on a new Multi-Mode Reader
Free installation, training and application support
Next Generation of Liquid Chromatography
System is fully integrated with complete system monitoring
Integrated earthquake securing option
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EPRE PrintMate-Cassesttes 300x300   GYRO Compact Centrifuge 300x300   ESCO NordicSafe-Class II 300x300   SANY Chest Freezer 300x300
Epredia PrintMate AS Cassette Printer
Efficiency + Accuracy
Gyrozen 416 Low-speed Centrifuge
Package Deal
ESCO NordicSafe
Class II Cabinets
15% Off + Free Extras
PHCbi -30°C Chest Freezer
25% off
Prints each cassette in ten seconds or less
Used on-demand in any size laboratory
Compact + versatile, including rotor, bucket and adaptors
Many options / accessories +
2-year warranty
Free adjustable height stand, UV light and 2 power sockets
One of the quietest cabinets on the market today
Affordable Reliable -30°C Storage
Filterless design – no bending down to clean a dirty filter
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