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  Sam Version 2 7cm Bio-Strategy's first Source Crossword Winners Bala Version2 7cm  
Samantha Cassar
Victoria University
  Bala Malayattil
Azelis New Zealand

BSL Source Q3 21-1   BS(P)L CrosswordPuzzle   PHCbi SANY PE-Freezer   ESCO Airstream-E
Bio-Strategy SOURCE Mailer
Jul - Sep 2021
Bio-Strategy SOURCE Puzzle
Your Chance to WIN
PHCbi -80°C Chest Freezer
20% off
Esco Airstream E Class II Cabinet
20% off AND free extras
Promotions on Equipment and Consumables 
New Products / Information
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A Gift Hamper to share with your co-workers!
Winner will be announced in our next Source
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Ideal for vaccine storage
84L, compact, with small footprint
Alarms to protect valuable product
Free adjustable height stand, UV light and 2 power sockets, valued at $1,750
Providing operator, product, and environment protection
Valid until:
Entries close:
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LEIM DM750   RBIO EnzymaticKits   Cytiva-GEHE illustra   AXYG Corn PCR-Tubes
Leica Microsystems DM750 Microscope
Models from $2,300
R-Biopharm Enzymatic Kits
Now On Sale
Cytiva illustra Extraction Kits
15% off
Axygen PCR Strips and Tubes
Super Discount
Order a DM750 and receive 15% off ICC50W camera
For high quality images and reliable performance
Demo unit available - Call Us
The key to control your wine quality
Stable until the last droplet
Ready-to-use, liquid-stable reagents, long shelf life, wide measuring range
RNAspin Mini RNA Isolation Kits
Blood genomicPrep Mini Spin Kits
FX PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kits
Samples available to trial on request
Available as single tubes or strips of 4, 8 or 12
Large range
Valid until:
Valid until:
Valid until:
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