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stock-clearance-300pix-101   ESCO NZ 2204 Airstream ClassII   IKAA AU 2204 Web Specials-407   OHAU NZ 2204 Moisture Analysers
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Esco Airstream E Class II Cabinets
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IKA - a Range of Key Equipment
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OHAUS Moisture Analysers
20% Off
Chemicals, Consumables, Glassware, Equipment and more!
The AC2-E series cabinets comply to the EN12469 standard
Free extras valued at $1,750
Overhead Stirrers, Homogeniser Package, Viscometers, Incubator Shakers, Popular RCT Basic
MB120: Top Seller and pans
Increased sample throughput, with accurate and reliable results
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SANY NZ 2204 ULT  Freezer 2for1   AXYG NZ 2204 Filter-Tips   GYRO NZ 2204 Microcentrifuge Package   SHEW AU 2204 Mk III Analyser
PHCbi ULT Freezers 
"2 for 1" Deal
Hurry - Limited Stock!
Axygen® Filter Tips
- In Stock!
Fits most Pipettors
Gyrozen Refrigerated Microcentrifuges
FREE 1.5 / 2.0ml Rotor
Sherwood Model 926 Mk III Chloride Analyser
10% Off
PHCbi Freezer Deal
-86°C Twinguard Upright, 729L AND
-80°C Compact Chest, 84L
Ideal for DNA amplification and microbiological applications
MaxyMum Recovery Technology for ultra-low retention and high yield
Model 1848R, Refrigerated with GRE-M-m2.0-48 fixed angle rotor
Model1730R, Refrigerated with GREB-M-m2.0-24 fixed angle rotor
Chloride Analyser for the Food and Dairy Industry
Clinical version (M926S) also available
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