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Jul-Sep 2022
Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
20% Off
Analytik Jena Life Sciences Equipment
Now Available
DWK WHEATON Roller Apparatus
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Current Promotions and Special Offers.
Find the hidden word to win a gift hamper, more details on the back of SOURCE.
Call us or order online at shop.bio-strategy.com.
Including UV Light, PC front cover, 2 electrical outlets and with or without adjustable height stand.
Providing Class 3 clean air work zone by trapping particulates in the ULPA filter.
New at Bio-Strategy!
Shop now and view the range online in our Webshop or talk to your Bio-Strategy sales specialist on how Analytik Jena can support and be integrated into your workflow.
Custom built, for use with roller bottles, is an established cell culture method and relatively inexpensive way to set up a flexible, scalable biopharmaceutical operation.
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GYRO NZ 2207 416 Centrifuge   SCAR NZ 2207 Aquastab Algaecide   SANT ANZ 2207 Antibodies   SHEW ANZ 2207 Photometer
Gyrozen 416 Centrifuge Package Deal
Special Offer
Scharlau Aquastab Algaecide
Special Price
Santa Cruz Antibodies Winter Warmer
Save Today
Sherwood Industrial Flame Photometer
15% Off
Compact and versatile, a must-have for any laboratory!
Max. Speed: 4,000rpm; Max Force: 2,774 x g.
2-year warranty.
A highly effective blue additive to reduce the contamination from bacteria and fungi in your water bath.
100ml bottle makes up 200L.
Buy 2 and receive 5% off list price.
Buy 5 or more and receive 10% off list price.
Buy more, save more.
Cost effective single channel unit with robust design, outstanding performance and reliability.
Contact Bio-Strategy to discuss optional accessories.
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