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  Puzzle 2307 300x150
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PRIO 2308 150L Vertical Autoclave 300x150-NZ SANY 2308 CO2 Incubator 300x150 SANY 2308 Upright VIP ECO 300x150  
150L Vertical Autoclave
Only 1 Available
165 IncuSafe CO2 Incubator
Only $8,595
VIP ECO ULT Freezer 528L
Only $17,975
Be in quick!
Includes free extras worth $3,101
Immediate delivery
With IR sensor and UV decontamination
4 adjustable shelves
5-year warranty
-86oC upright freezer 
ECO 'Green Gas' Refrigerants
5-year warranty
Valid Until:
Valid Until:
Valid until:

ANJE 2308 ColonyDoc-It 300x150 MIEL 2308 PG8583 Offer OHAU 2308 PX224 300x150  
UVP ColonyDoc-it
Only $12,705
PG8583 ADP Washer/Disinfector
Only $19,850
Pioneer PX224 Analytical Balance
Only $2,250
Colony counting made easy
Quickly and accurately count colonies with
the quick click software interface
Includes: PG8583 ADP, upper basket spray arm, insert for wide neck bottles, lower basket, jet rack, detergent & neutraliser Affordably priced
Intuitively designed with
high accuracy and reliable results
Valid until:
Valid until:
Valid until:

OHAU 2308 pH Meter 300x150 EPRE 2308 Microtome Blades 300x150 HAMC 2308 Syringes  
AB33PH-F Bench Meter Package
Only $1,275
MX35 Ultra Microtome Blades
On-site FREE Trial
Top Quality Syringes
From $125
Take sample analysis to a
new level with the
Ohaus Aquasearch pH Meter
Experience superior quality of performance
Steel hardening technology offers
outstanding cutting and longevity
Skilled workmanship ensure Hamilton syringes consistently deliver the
highest possible performance
Valid until:
Valid until:
Valid until: