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Instruments & Equipment Q3

BSL NZ 1907 Source-Q3-19


The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
July to September issue
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BSL StockClearance 0619

Bio-Strategy Stock Clearance Sale

Don't miss this opportunity!
Stock Sale on selected Equipment
Special pricing for stock only!
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ESCO Class-II Cabinets

Esco Airstream E 1.2 Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Protection you can count on: operator, product and environment protection!
Save nearly $3,000 - limited time only!
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
ESCO IsothermOvens

Esco Isotherm® Laboratory Ovens

Quality range of laboratory ovens to suit your requirements.
Esco Isotherm® forced convection laboratory ovens provide controlled thermal convection drying for many laboratory applications including moisture removal and curing.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
GRAN PV-1 VortexMixer

Grant PV-1 Vortex Mixer on Sale

Exceptionally compact with a low profile and small footprint - fits into almost any location.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
GRAN StirredWaterbath T100-ST26

Grant Stirred Waterbath Model T100-ST26

26-litre bath with immersion thermostat.
The Grant T100 series of general-purpose heating circulating baths offer accurate temperate control for straightforward applications in the range of 0°C to 100°C.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
GYRO 146-CentrifugePackage

Gyrozen Model 416 Compact Benchtop Multi-Functional Centrifuge

20% discount off the 416 package!
The 416 Benchtop Centrifuge package allows processing of sample tubes from 1.5 to 100ml using a 4-position swing-out rotor with 4x100ml buckets with sealing caps.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
HAMC Microlab-600

Hamilton Company Microlab 600 Diluter Dispensers

Increased throughput and accuracy, reduced cost and waste.
Every laboratory has tasks that are too small to automate and too large to reliably accomplish by hand.
An Additional Set of Syringes at No Cost!
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
IKAA Winter-Sale

IKA Mid-Winter Sale

Check out a wide range of innovative equipment from IKA - special pricing strictly for current stock only.
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LEIB WaterBath HI1210

Leica Biosystems HI1210 Water Bath

For flattening paraffin-embedded tissue sections.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
LEIM Microscope-DM500

Leica Microsystems DM500 Compound Microscope

Very simple and easy to use, competitively priced
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
MDEV SpectraMax

Molecular Devices SpectraMax L with 2 Injectors

Great Ex-Demo Price!
Sensitive luminometer with programmable injector options for 96- and 384-well microplate.
First come, first serve | 30 September 2019 more >
OHAU Benchtop-pH-Meter

OHAUS Starter 3100-F Benchtop pH Meter

Complete system including meter, electrode with ATC and flexible electrode holder for Standard Laboratory Applications
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
OHAU MoistureAnalyser

OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyser

for only $3,595!
Advanced performance moisture analyser takes measurement to a higher standard.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
SANY PHCbi Freezers-LargeCapacity

PHCbi Large Capacity Upright -86°C Freezers

Choose between 728-litre or 845-litre models to suit your requirements.
The PHCbi (formerly Panasonic/Sanyo) MDF-U74V and MDF-DU900V-PE continue the legacy of Ultra-Low Temperature -86°C freezers with vacuum panel insulation technology (VIP) and Cool Safe Compressors to provide reliable units with increased compressor longevity and lower heat output.
Heavy price reduction applies to stocked units only!
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019  or while stocks last more >
PRIOR Autoclaves-Toploading

Priorclave PS/QCS/EV Series Top Loading Autoclaves

Built in England – designed to last!
Priorclave QCS series Top Loading Autoclaves with cylindrical chambers and two baskets offer versatility and cost efficiency.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >
QIAG QIAxcel-Advanced-System

QIAGEN - NGS Sample Quality Control Using the QIAxcel Advanced System

Start-up package includes all your QIAxcel reagents for NGS library QC analysis for up to 1,200 samples.
The revolutionary QIAxcel Advanced system replaces traditional, labour-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA, streamlining workflows and reducing time to result.
VALID UNTIL 30 September 2019 more >

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