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BSL NZ 2010 Source Q4-2020 142

Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions

Information and Promotions on Instrumentation, Equipment & Consumables as well as focus on products and support for the HEALTH AND DIAGNOSTICS sector.
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ELGA Water-Treatment-Systems

ELGA Water Treatment Systems

ELGA are the laboratory water specialists, working with scientists for over 80 years
Purchase a New Elga System and receive your first year FREE on a 3-year Preventative Maintenance Agreement! plus 15 % off all consumables
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EPRE Products-Feature

Epredia is a Global Leader in Precision Cancer Diagnostics and Tissue Diagnostics

Powered by the respected names in the industry – Shandon™, Richard-Allan Scientific™, Microm™, Menzel-Glaser™ - offering the highest quality products to enable our customers to achieve diagnostic excellence.
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ESCO AC2-4E8 Class2-Cabinet

Esco Airstream E Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

One of the most energy efficient cabinets available today - 70% energy savings when compared to Class II cabinets with AC motors
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ESCO Ductless-Fume-Hood

Esco Ascent™ Opti Ductless Fume Hood

Provides both operator and environment protection by adsorbing chemical fumes onto the Nanocarb™ activated carbon filter
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GRAN Optima-Water-Baths

Grant Stirred Waterbath 

Model T100-ST26, 26-litre bath with immersion thermostat for accurate temperate control for straightforward applications in the range of 0°C to 100°C
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GYRO Clinical-Centrifuges

Gyrozen Clinical Centrifuges

Gyrozen guarantees the highest possible laboratory standards that you require for your daily work with industry-leading safety and quality
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HEID Vortex-Mixers

Heidolph Vortex Mixers

Incredibly strong and robust, the strong shaking motion guarantees excellent mixing results without exception
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LABO Freeze-Dryer

Labogene CoolSafe 55-4 Freeze Dryer

Combined with the 12-port drum manifold and RZ2.5 vacuum pump this is your complete solution for routine freeze drying in vacuum flasks with a condenser temperature of -55°C
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LEIM DMi1-Microscope

Leica DMi1 Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture Quick checks

Add the NEW Flexacam C1 and turn your microscope into a stand-alone digital imaging station - there is no need for a PC
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MDEV SpectraMax-ABS

Molecular Devices SpectraMax ABS or ABS Plus Reader

Affordable monochromator-based plate readers - order before 21 December and receive a 25% discount
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MIEL PG8583-Washer-Package

Miele PG8583 Laboratory Washer Package

Miele Professional PG8583 have been the standard in Laboratory Underbench/Free-Standing Washers for the past four years
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OHAU Balances+pH-Meter

OHAUS Balances & pH Meters

Affordable, quality and reliable laboratory equipment - now 20 % off
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PALL Sentino-Pump

NEW Pall Sentino® Microbiology Pump

Increase efficiency of your microbiology workflow with the Sentino Microbiology Family
Free product with each order - limited time only
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PHCbi CO2-Incubator

PHCbi MCO-170AICL-PE CO2 Incubator

Enhance your cell growth via an intelligent communication interface ensuring precise temperature and CO2 control
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PHCbi Pharma-Fridge

PHCbi MPR-S313-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Provides reliable storage for pharmaceuticals, samples and reagents
3-year warranty and including free remote alarm terminal with battery back up
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PHCbi Upright-Freezer

PHCbi Mid Capacity -86°C Freezers

Models for routine storage of specimens (519L) or for critical sample storage (528L) - 20% off
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PRIO QCS-Series-Autoclaves

Priorclave QCS Series Autoclaves

The versatile Priorclave QCS series have a model suitable for your sterilisation requirements - 10 % off
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