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NZ April Puzzle Winner Lg
Congratulations to our April SOURCE Puzzle winner
Jude Bishell, Dominion Salt Ltd, Lake Grassmere
  Puzzle 2307 300x150

July Puzzle
Work out the clues to find the hidden word.
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Entries close 15 Sep 2023

  BSL 2308 Source 300x150  


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  INCM  2307 Puriflash Kits 300x150  

Preparative HPLC Columns

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Will operate at lower pressure which
means longer column life
Available in
150mm or 250mm length and 4.6mm I.D

  ANJE 2308 ColonyDoc-It 300x150  

UVP ColonyDoc-it

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Colony Counting Made Easy
Quickly and accurately count colonies with the quick click software interface. Easily process time lapse counting and zone sizing.

  AYYG 2307 Pipettors Tips 300x150  

Axypet® Pipettors and Tips

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Single- and Multi-channel Pipettors - high level of accuracy and precision, design for more comfort.
RNase-/DNase-free Universal tips - filtered, racked, maxymum recovery

  DWK 2305 Youtility Bottles 300x150  


Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    From $45 (4 Pack)
A new generation of glass laboratory bottle

  MIEL 2308 PG8583 Offer  

PG8583 ADP Washer/Disinfector

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Includes: PG8583 ADP, upper basket spray arm, insert for wide neck bottles, lower basket, jet rack, detergent & neutraliser  

  MIEL 2307CD Washer-Disinfector 300x150  

PG8583 CD Washer/Disinfector

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Only $26,495
With DryPlus HEPA filtered drying,
under bench or stand alone and a 2-year warranty

  OHAU 2308 pH Meter 300x150  

AB33PH-F Bench Meter Package

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Only $1,275
Take sample analysis to a new level with  the Ohaus Aquasearcher pH meter. Ideal for supporting a variety of Laboratory requirements from advanced research to standard applications.

  OHAU 2308 PX224 300x150  

Pioneer PX224 Analytical Balance

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Only $2,250
The Ohaus Pioneer PX224 offers competitive performance, with high accuracy and reliable results – at a great price!

  OHAU 2307Moisture Balance 300x150  

Moisture Balances

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    From $2,490
Ohaus Moisture Analysers consistently deliver accurate and reliable results
Compact, Efficient and Easy-to-Clean

  PRIO 2308 150L Vertical Autoclave 300x150-NZ  

150L Vertical Autoclave

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Be in Quick!  Only 1 available
Includes FREE export crate, wandering probe and condensate collection bottle worth $3,010

  SCAR 2307 Aquastab Algaecide 300x150  

Aquastab Algaecide

Valid Until: 31/08/2023
    Only $89.95
Reduce Water Bath Contamination From Bacteria And Fungi. 
This 100ml bottle makes up 200L 

  AXYG 2305 Microtube Shaker 300x150  

New Microtube Shaker

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Includes FREE extras
Programmable compact benchtop shaking incubator with uniformed heating, cooling and mixing plates

  EPRE 2308 Microtome Blades 300x150  

MX35 Ultra Microtome Blades

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    On-site FREE Trial
Experience superior quality of performance
The blade to fit the job

  EPRE  2307 Slides 300x150  

Superfrost Microscope Slides

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Ground edge - polished to help prevent accidental cuts and a writing area
resistant to all common solvents

  SANY 2308 CO2 Incubator 300x150  

165 IncuSafe CO2 Incubator

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Only $8,585
CO2 incubator with IR sensor and UV decontamination. Includes 4 adjustable shelve and a 5-year warranty

  SANY 2308 Upright VIP ECO 300x150  

VIP ECO ULT Freezer 528L

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    This upright freezer is utilizing ECO “Green Gas” refrigerants combined with inverter compressors for leading class performance, low energy consumption and low running costs.  

  SCAR 2305 Multi Solvent 300x150  

Specialty Solvents

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    Choose Multisolvent® Grade Solvents where you have multiple applications in your laboratory  

  SCAR 2304 Aquagent  

Volumetric KF Reagents

Valid Until: 30/09/2023
    For samples with 0.1% - 100% water content
Request your FREE Sample
Complet 5 (500ml) | Methanol Fast (500ml)

  HAMC 2308 Syringes  

Top Quality Syringes

Valid Until: 30/11/2023
    Top quality materials and skilled workmanship ensure Hamilton syringes consistently deliver the highest possible performance for reliable analyses.