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We are pleased to announce a recently completed transaction between Bio-Strategy Limited and VWR International. Bio-Strategy has acquired VWR’s lab supplies businesses in Australia and New Zealand. In New Zealand, the trading entity Global Science – a VWR Company will be rebranded Global Science – a Bio-Strategy Company. As part of the transaction, Bio-Strategy will become VWR’s exclusive distributor in each of these locations. This means all VWR branded products will be available through us.

This transaction allows Bio-Strategy and VWR’s current businesses to combine their strong industry knowledge as well as their technical expertise. Bio-Strategy’s product line is extremely complementary to VWR’s product offering, and now the combined new Bio-Strategy will be able to provide an even greater product and service offering resulting in increased value for all our customers.
Bio-Strategy will continue to provide the same products and services supported by the same people that you are used to dealing with. Day to day business and your existing contacts will remain unchanged.

For further information, please contact Graeme Thompson: or
Heather Milliken:

We are excited about the opportunities that this agreement brings to our customers and look forward to supporting your business in the future.