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BSL NZ 1901 Source-Q1 2019


The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
January to March issue
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ANSE MicroTouchBlueGloves

Ansell Micro-Touch® Blue Nitrile

Save your hands and some money with the unique synthetic examination glove Micro-Touch® Blue Nitrile
Its softer, more elastic nitrile formulation offers superior comfort levels and a softer high resistance to chemicals, including chemotherapy drugs.
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AXYG LongReachTips

Axygen® Long Reach Pipette Tips

30% discount and samples available on request. Ideal for pipetting from long and narrow tubes.
Axygen’s NEW Long Reach Tips are longer and thinner to help you minimise contamination.
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AZLO SafetyLabelledWashBottles

Azlon Safety Labelled Wash Bottles at Special Prices

Increase your Safety and Save with these Hazardous Labelled Wash Bottles!
Azlon Multi-lingual Wide Neck LDPE Wash Bottles with either the patented DripLok® vapour venting valve to prevent solvent drips “VTML” or the non-vented “PML” bottles.
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CORN FalconTubesStrainers

Corning® Falcon® Tubes and Strainers

Simplify your Cell Workflow
Corning® Falcon® Conical Centrifuge Tubes are easy-to-use, high-quality tools to protect your precious samples.
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GRYO Centrifuge 416-Benchtop

Gyrozen 416 Benchtop Centrifuge Package

The 416 Benchtop Centrifuge Package allows processing of sample tubes from 1.5 to 100ml using a 4-position swing-out rotor with 4x100ml buckets with sealing caps. The versatile Gyrozen 416 Centrifuge may be compact, but with 4x100ml loading capacity, it can accommodate a large variety of rotors, buckets, carriers and adaptors to meet your requirements.
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HAMC Arc-pH-Infographic-BS1811

Intelligent Sensor Revolution

Hamilton Arc Sensors Deliver Significant Operational Savings
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HAMC HPLC GC-AutosamplerSyringes

Hamilton Company HPLC and GC Autosampler Syringes

Hamilton syringes are handmade with an unmatched attention to detail; the manufacturing process and quality assurance procedures ensure that every syringe Hamilton Company produces will provide superior accuracy and precision as well as cycle life.
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HEID EntireRangePromo

15% Off All Heidolph Products

All new reduced pricing and an additional set of syringes at no cost!
For a limited time, send us the serial number of your existing Microlab 500 Diluter Dispenser and we will supply you an advanced controller for the price of a basic
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HORI EditedCellLines

Horizon Custom and Ready-made edited cell lines

Custom or Ready-made Knock-In, Knock-Out and Reporter cell lines - You Decide!
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HORI ScreeningFlyer

Save time with professional Screening and Research Services from Horizon

Immuno-Oncology, Functional Genomic Screening, Drug combination Screening, In Vitro and In Vivo Assay services.
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LABP Twirl-EmSamplingBags

Labplas Twirl’em Sampling Bags - 25% Introductory Discount

High Precision Sampling Innovations for your Industry
Labplas Sampling bags are an economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry your solid, semi-solid and liquid samples with confidence.
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LEIB NZ 1901 HistoConsumables

Leica Biosystems Consumables for Histology

Selected special offers for current stock only
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 or while stock lasts more >
LEIB HistoCoreArcadia

Leica Biosystems HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Centre

Purchase an Arcadia H heated embedding module and an Arcadia C cold plate for only $18.900.00!
Two independent modules offer flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
LEIM NZ 1901 StereoMicroscopes

10% OFF all Leica Stereo Microscopes

View, analyse and document your specimen in two and three dimensions.
Whether you need research, laboratory, educational or industrial stereo microscopes, Leica Microsystems provides customised packages for your specific needs.
VALID UNTIL 29 March 2019 more >
MDEV SpectraMaxABS ABS-Plus

Molecular Devices SpectraMax ABS or ABS Plus Reader - affordable monochromator-based plate readers

Run various assays within the Vis/UV-Vis range such as ELISA, Bradford, BCA, microbial growth, protein quantitation and more with the new small but mighty ABS and ABS Plus Absorbance readers monochromator-based plate readers.
NOW 25% discount
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MIEL PG8583-Package

Miele PG8583 Laboratory Washer Package

Miele Professional PG8583 have been the standard in Laboratory Underbench/Free-Standing Washers for the past three years.
10% Package Discount and free commissioning
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PALL CentrifugalDevices

Pall Centrifugal Devices - save on Spin Devices

These devices are used for simple, reliable concentrating and desalting of samples.
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PHCbi NZ CO2-Incubators

PHCbi - Next Generation CO2 Incubators Providing Optimum Cell Culture Conditions

Grow Results – Not Bacteria!
PHCbi CO2 incubators combine both background and active features to ensure you’re not compromising your research.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 or while stock lasts more >
PHCbi NZ 1901 MLR-352H-PlantGrowthChamber

PHCbi MLR-352H Upright Plant Growth Chambers, 294L

Versatile upright plant growth chamber with flexible programmability of temperature, lighting and humidity.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
QIAG QIAseq-FastSelect

Save 30% on QIAseq FastSelect Kits FROM QIAGEN

One-step rRNA removal in just 10 seconds and without bead cleanup? It’s possible with QIAseq FastSelect!
1 step vs. 37 steps – take a shortcut to RNA-seq success with QIAseq FastSelect - new QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kits are the latest revolution rocking the world of RNA-seq, providing the fastest ever removal of unwanted RNA from your libraries!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
RBIO NZ 1901 AllergenRapid

R-Biopharm RIDA®QUICK and bioavid Lateral Flow Test Kits

Even small traces of allergenic proteins in food can provoke allergic reactions in sensitive people.
R-Biopharm are world recognised for their food testing kits, offering a variety of solutions for process control to export and import final product testing.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
SANT ChemCruzBiochemicals

20% Off All Santa Cruz ChemCruz™ Biochemicals Products

Santa Cruz Biotechnology is the supplier of biochemicals under the ChemCruz® brand. Santa Cruz Biotechnology now offers over 175,000 specialty biochemicals under the ChemCruz® brand.
VALID UNTIL 30 March 2019 more >
SANT InvestigatorAwards

Santa Cruz Biotechnology Investigator Awards

Reference a Santa Cruz product in a paper or publication and receive a free Santa Cruz product as part of the Investigator Awards!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
TECH PetriDishes

TechnoPlas Petri Dishes

90mm Petri Dishes Stacker Plate - used for microbiological testing in food, dairy, health, research, university and a range of other industries.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
VIRK NZ 1901 Rely+On Virkon

Rely+On Virkon - change and innovation go hand in hand!

Rely+On Virkon is the new name for the familiar Virkon product range, and innovation comes as a novel method for dispensing this high-level disinfectant.
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VWRC Chemicals-Acids

VWR Chemicals - huge savings on your most commonly used Acids for Research and Production 

100% Acetic Acid Analytical Grade for less than $13.00!
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
VWRC Chemicals-Buffers

VWR TITRINORM pH Buffers and Buffer Tablets

Stock up on quality buffers and save now! Buffers for less than $13.00
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >
VWRI NZ PipettorsStandard

VWR Standard Line Economic Pipettors

The Most Economic VWR Pipettor - time to replace your old pipettors!
These lightweight Standard Line pipettes provide accuracy and precision. Ergonomic features include contoured handle shape and a soft spring system. 3 years warranty, autoclavable.
VALID UNTIL 31 March 2019 more >

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