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VWR BHD Chemicals

VWR BDH 1018
VWR Chemicals offers a vast range of chemicals for laboratory analysis and production purposes exclusively distributed by Bio-Strategy in Australia and New Zealand


VWR Chemicals offer thousands of products for analysis, research and production:
• Multiple grades ensuring the right quality for each application
• Laboratory and production pack sizes
• Custom manufacturing services
VWRB BDH Prolabo range
VWR Chemicals Purity Grades explained:  
VWR Chemicals Grades Application and characteristics
AnalaR® NORMAPUR® ACS, Reag. Ph. Eur. Analytical grade reagents for the pharma industry, ACS standards and Reag. Ph. Eur. specifications
AnalaR® NORMAPUR® Analytical grade reagents and standards
ARISTAR® / NORMATOM® High purity solvents, acids, reagents and standards for trace analysis (IC, ICP, ICP-MS)
HiPerSolv® CHROMANORM® HPLC: LC-UV, LC-MS and preparative applications
PESTINORM® GC/GLC: ECD, PND, GC-MS applications including pesticide residue analysis
GPR RECTAPUR® Reagents for general laboratory use Reagents for general laboratory use
TECHNICAL, TechniSolv®  Reagents with limited specification for general laboratory use
AVS® TITRINORM® / ConvoL® NORMADOSE® Ready to use/concentrated solutions of analytical reagents for volumetric titration and calibration
Ph. Eur. and USP reagents  Range of standards and solutions specified in the Ph. Eur. for laboratory use
SpectrosoL® / SPECTRONORM Spectroscopy
Gurr® Stains and dyes for microscopy
Deuterated and anhydrous solvents NMR spectroscopy, organic synthesis
Peptide synthesis solvents Peptide synthesis
Standards AAS, ASTM and Ph. Eur. colour standards, hydrocarbon oil index, conductivity, UV/Vis
Pharmacopoeia grade product Products for pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical production
LABWASH®  Cleaning products, for laboratory applications

Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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