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Rollex Medical NZ Ltd

B 0313 Rollex Rollex Medical are importers for the Australasian market specialising in laboratory and pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers. Key products include refrigerators and freezers from LEC as well as the Matos range

LEC was founded in 1942 as Longford Engineering Company Ltd and is now the leading manufacturer of laboratory and pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers in the UK, trading as LEC Medical and LEC Commercial Production.
Laboratory Refrigerators from Under Counter 82 litre units to Floor Standing 475 litre units
Temperature range: from 2 °C to 8 °C
Laboratory Freezers from Under Counter 50 litre units to Upright 600 litre units
Temperature range: -18 °C to -25 °C
Laboratory Chest Freezers three capacities: 140 / 296 / 383 litres
Temperature range: -10 °C to -45 °C
Pharmaceutical Refrigerators from Under Counter 41 litre units to Floor Standing 444 litre;
Upright units with either solid or glass door
Temperature range: 2 °C to 8 °C; fan forced with automatic defrost
The Matos range of laboratory/pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers comes in under-bench and upright configurations. Their refrigerators have capacities from 68 litres to 1,460 litres whilst the freezers have capacities from 85 to 300 litres.
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