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Digital PCR

Digital is the new absolute

Finding a needle in a haystack
Researchers performing sensitive applications such as copy number variation and rare target detection often find themselves struggling to identify faint genetic signals against a strong background, especially when it is a single positive lost in a dense pool of negatives. Finding the rare allele or mutant sequence is a typical needle in a haystack problem! By partitioning the sample into a large number of individual reactions, digital PCR makes it surprisingly easy to detect the single positive. It is in such instances where the lower limit of detection excludes standard real-time quantitative PCR as a viable solution.
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The power of digital PCR​
Digital PCR is a highly precise approach to sensitive and reproducible nucleic acid detection and quantification. Measurements are performed by dividing the sample into partitions, such that there is either zero or one target molecule present in any individual reaction. Each partition is analyzed after end-point PCR cycling for the presence or absence of a fluorescent signal, and the absolute number of molecules present in the sample is calculated. It does not rely on a standard curve for sample target quantification. Eliminating the reliance on standard curve reduces error and improves precision. 
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