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Qiagen 1018 QIAGEN is a leading provider for “Sample to Insight “solutions. QIAGEN provides complete solutions for sample collection, nucleic acid purification, pathogen detection, syndromic testing and genetic testing, within molecular diagnostics. The broad range of CE-IVD-marked solutions enables manual or automated sample processing. 
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Infectious diseases: Syndromic Testing Paternity Testing Human Identification  


Infectious diseases: Syndromic Testing
Clinicians want accurate and timely answers. Patients want the right treatment.
The advanced capabilities of the QIAstat-Dx Analyzer, the next-generation of syndromic insights, allows for a much broader range of applications beyond currently available systems and drive the development of multiplex testing into various therapeutic areas.
Paternity Testing
Your partner for high quality paternity and kinship testing
Paternity testing relies on assays for informative discriminatory STR marker sets, such as those recommended by the international standards ESS and ISSOL. Additional information is often obtained using Y-chromosomal STR markers, but typing X-chromosomal STR markers can be of equal importance, especially in deficiency cases where there is no DNA sample from one or both parents.
The Investigator IDplex Plus, ESSplex SE Plus, and HDplex assays, featuring highly informative autosomal marker sets, are at the heart of our paternity testing workflow. Further discriminatory power is added by the Investigator Argus X-12 and Argus Y-12 QS Kits, which cover X- and Y-chromosomal STR markers. The Investigator IDproof Software has been specifically developed for the analysis of kinship case samples. With QIAGEN’s excellent sample preparation instruments and chemistry and these high-quality, validated products, your facility will be prepared for even the most difficult cases.
Human Identification
Optimized solutions for human identification workflows
Certain human identification workflows present unique challenges, such as highly degraded DNA, high inhibitor contents, or samples containing DNA from multiple individuals. Testing facilities must be prepared to overcome these challenges using optimized protocols and applications of high-quality technology.
QIAGEN understands that applications for human identification need dedicated products and protocols. Find out more about how QIAGEN can support your lab in challenging scenarios, such as separation of sperm and epithelial cells for assault sample analysis, handling of deficiency cases in kinship testing, and purification of DNA from large samples of bone for anthropology or disaster victim identification.



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