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LeicaBiosystems 1018 Leica Biosystems brings histopathology laboratories and researchers the highest quality, most comprehensive product range. With complete histology systems featuring innovative automation and Surgipath® consumables, Leica Biosystems offers the ideal product for each histology step and high-productivity workflow solutions for the entire laboratory.
Support & Service Consumables for Anatomical Pathology

LeicaBS 1 Printer
Specimen Identification Solutions (Printing & Labelling)
Avoid misdiagnosis, securely link specimen to patient
Mix-ups can lead to misdiagnosis. Make sure you know the identity of every specimen in your laboratory. Leica helps you create a secure link between each patient and every sample. Choose a high-efficiency labeler for high-legibility identifiers. Eliminate errors as Leica helps ensure you always link every container, cassette and slide to the correct case and the right patient.
LeicaBS 2 Cryostats
Cryosectioning Solutions
Sections for immediate assessment, cut accurately and safely

The speed and versatility of Leica research cryostats help you cut more sections and analyze more specimens each day. With the added benefits of all-day operator comfort and research-specific features, Leica research cryostats let you make critical discoveries sooner.

LeicaBS 3 Embedding
Embedding Solutions
Care, orientation, shape: prepare blocks for outstanding sections

Great sections rely on careful embedding. Leica embedding solutions help you ensure correct tissue orientation, avoid heat damage, and create the ideal block shape. Setup a Leica embedding center to match your workflow, choose productivity enhancing accessories and select base molds that match your cassettes.
LeicaBS 4 Microtome
Sectioning Solutions
Consistently cut the thin sections that allow for an accurate diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis relies on precise sections. Precise sections rely on the right type of microtome. Leica’s history of pioneering microtomy continues to deliver a diverse range of microtomes that deliver high-quality sections for any application. So choose the Leica microtome that suits your specimen type, and build the diagnostic confidence that patients rely on.
LeicaBS 5 Stainers

Routine Staining & Coverslipping
Deliver the clear well-defined stains that pathologists need

Pathologists use your slides to make life-changing diagnostic decisions. Make sure they have the clear detail they need for every patient. Leica understands that high-clarity stains depend on great reagents, precision stainers and good practice. So a Leica routine staining solution integrates stain, stainer and expert advice. Choose a Leica staining solution for a high-efficiency path to consistent staining, and diagnostic confidence.
LeicaBS 6 Coverslippers

Staining & Coverslipping Workstations
The pathologist is waiting, don’t accept delays or inferior clarity

You cannot afford delays, and don’t have the resources to manually slip all your slides. Leica provides the answer with reliable automated glass coverslipping. Laboratory managers get an efficient workflow, and pathologists will appreciate the clarity that only glass can provide. Leica’s coverslipping solutions are available either standalone or integrated with a stainer for true walk-away staining and coverslipping.
LeicaBS 7 DigPathology
Comprehensive Digital Pathology Solutions
Drawing on more than 150 years experience in histology, optics and optimizing laboratory processes, Leica Biosystems offer complete, end-to-end Integrated Pathology solutions for you.

Total Digital Pathology provides comprehensive, modular, scalable solutions to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
LeicaBS 8 Consumables
Keep your laboratory running safely and efficiently. Leica Biosystems has a broad range of histology and general laboratory consumables to help you maintain your laboratory.
  • Maintain safety – specialized products that help keep staff safe
  • Work your way – many options mean you can choose the exact consumable that is right for you
  • Create complete systems – many Leica consumables are proven with Leica instruments so you can enjoy the confidence of a system that just works



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