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Euro Diagnostica

EuroDia 1018 Euro Diagnostica is a full service diagnostic solutions company. During the last two decades, their world class scientists have been the first to develop and produce top quality ELISA kits for ANCA, anti-CCP, Complement and Chromogranin A assays which are now in use all over the world.
Euro Diagnostica aims to constantly develop solutions to aid clinicians in diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and treatment of autoimmune and related diseases. With so much at stake, their focus is on getting the correct diagnosis every time.


Euro Diagnostica combines a long tradition in R&D with a commitment to quality. They offer test systems for diagnostics and treatment-associated monitoring in the following major focus areas:

  • Complement deficiency diagnosis – the Complement product line provides a unique functional assessment of the major pathways of the Complement system.


  • Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis – using the anti-CCP 2 assay, a pioneering assay in rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis
  • Serological detection of autoimmune vasculitis – Euro Diagnostica offer the most complete product range for ANCA testing
  • Neuro-endocrine tumours diagnosis – Chromogranin A is available both as radioimmunoassay and ELISA
  • The Euro Diagnostica ELISA tests are harmonised for use on Dynex instruments


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