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DWK 0820 DWK Life Science, formerly SciLabware, supplies the scientific community renowned glass & plastic brands & packaging solutions. Brands include Azlon® plasticware, Pyrex® borosilicate glassware, Quickfit® Pyrex® borosilicate ground glass joints, MBL® general laboratory borosilicate & soda-lime glassware, Rotaflo® stopcocks, SVL® screwthread joints & Ramboldi® plasticware.
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SCIL Azlon   SCIL MBL   SCIL Quickfit
Azlon® reusable plastic labware
There are over 800 products in the Azlon® range, including storage bottles, wash bottles and volumetric items in a variety of plastic polymers. The Azlon® range encompasses all the plastic essentials needed for traditional science, food and industrial applications.
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MBL® Volumetric Glassware
The MBL® volumetric glassware range includes volumetric flasks, measuring and mixing cylinders, pipettes and burettes, all manufactured, tested and calibrated to the highest accuracy standards.
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Quickfit® Interchangeable Jointed Glassware
The Quickfit® range comprises of around 1000 individual products that can be combined together to construct an extensive range of assemblies.

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SCIL Wheaton   SCIL Pyrex   SCIL Ramboldi
From vials for sample storage and in vitro diagnostics to roller racks and incubators for cell culture.
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Pyrex® Laboratory Glassware
Today more than 800 laboratory glassware products carry the famous Pyrex® name including beakers, bottles, flasks, volumetric glassware, dishes and test tubes, all manufactured to the same exacting quality standards.
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Ramboldi® Plastic Laboratory Consumables
Ramboldi® RBI is the brand of choice for sample collection and liquid handling plastic consumables used extensively throughout the clinical and packaging market sectors.
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Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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